CUTTHROAT R@pe! R@pe! R@pe!

BLLLLLLLLLEEEEEE!!!F@#KING NASTY! I am surprised trick these mad japanese! ABIGAIL / SABBAT / SIGH-here is three-tuple my favorite from this enigmatic and proud country! Now I plus hereto list CUTTHROAT. Here more goes the stress on get old school HARDCORE / PUNK and is fuelled powerful riffings THRASH METAL. Such positive thing was with big share of the black humour. Too similar presently have fun DARKTHRONE. Shorter METAL ANARCHY walks on planet.The Whole on disk 15 compositions of alcoholic revelry in metal!I know that this was a first stuff of the command(ISO 666 Records) released long ago in 1999. WITCHHAMMER Production have republished this issue having added three bonus tracks. In absentia this disk possible to name the play CUTTHROAT someone else song: RAZOR / AVIL BITCH / SACRIFACE / EXODUS Probably these songs on which education in metal musicians Yasuyuki and Mirai. I have buy recently their 7EP, released german NECROMANCER Records and shall say that times nothing do not. They perform the repertoire of the someone else gangs with its THRASH / BLACK / PUNK METAL vision! WILD! DRINK! F@#KING DOLLS! AND METAL PUNX! Made in JAPAN exclusively for CRAZY HOUSE!



CUTTHROAT “R@pe! R@pe! R@pe!” CD 2007 (JAPAN)

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