KILLING FIELDS Extermination by human

Recently I began to receive many the correspondences from Asia. Possibly, metal again gathering the force from those edges became fault to it. There are many new groups and fanzines. It is necessary to notice that the majority of them supports old traditions and it inexpressibly enjoy. KILLING FIELDS from the familiar all tourist country Thailand. In this structure have united the efforts three friends connected by the general interest to OLD SPEED / THRASH METAL. Of course it not revolution in world THRASH METAL of culture, but it is necessary to give due and to understand where there is Thailand and what efforts it is necessary to struggle for ideas of metal. In KILLING FIELDS I have distinctly heard a sound of freedom and self-expression without any beautiful moments. This a dry and metal sound on a manner similar to groups of the past. The disk written down and published by own efforts extends exclusively through musicians. Support the Thai Underground.

KILLING FIELDS “Extermination by hyman” CD 2010 (THAILAND)

KILLING FIELDS “Extermination by hyman” CD 2010 (THAILAND)

KILLING FIELDS “Extermination by human” CD 2010 (THAILAND)
Program of plate:
Killing field
History of terror
Sombre land
Dark knight
Red alert
The world

SABBAT Live in Thailan Demonslaught
HATE BEAST Blade swings down
PSYCOPATH WITCH Worshipping the Flagellator
VINDICATOR There will be blood

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