MASTER “The Human machine” 2010 CD/LP

Paul Speckman key figure in the world of DEATH METAL and this is true! After moving to the Czech Republic from his native Illinois, he moved back the entire luggage and the ability to play hard DEATHRASH METAL. After continued his career in KRABATHOR, with whom he passed the two albums and even worked for MARTYR. No every schoolboy knows the truth that the main group for Paul was and is the MASTER. This brainchild, he devoted all his talent and songs for most of his musical life. The new album is just a great gift for all fans of classic DEATH METAL MASTER with its typical for a hurricane onslaught! Disconnects and destroys the very first minutes of his rumbling sound. The album is fairly flat and unsustainably high, due to strong interaction between the rhythm sections with bass, cementing himself maestro Speckman! Listening to the album MASTER, nods his head. I just Paul’s beard made ??of iron) and it is too early to drop out of talented head of the founder of DEATH METAL. CD released Pulverized records, and vinyl record with different artwork Doomentia records. KILL!

MASTER “The Human machine” 2010 CD/LP

MASTER "The Human machine" 2010 CD/LP

MASTER "The Human machine" 2010 CD/LP

Track list
1 The Human Machine – 5:18
2 It’s What Your Country Can Do For You – 6:10
3 Twisted Truth – 3:14
4 True Color – 5:40
5 Suppress Free Thinking – 5:47
6 A Replica of Invention – 3:24
7 Faceless Victims Expelled – 3:25
8 Worsihp The Sun – 4:04
9 The Lack of Space – 3:55
10 Impage To Kill – 4:56

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