POLYMORPH Disgraceful Supper

G.U.C. records надёжный поставщик немецкого UG знакомит нас с очередной шайкой подшефных головарезов. Собравшись в 1995 они накромсали полноформатник “Innocent suffering” (1999) и Сплит “Hell bastards” (2002) на зелёном виниле совместно с земляками из PURGATORY. Кровожадным бюргерам сорвало крышу от первых двух альбомов SUFFOCATION и BRUTALITY. От первых злодеи унаследовали скоростную раскрутку, от вторых кромсающие гармонии- получился BRUTAL OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL. Сделанный с душой, этот материал действительно возвращает в пыльные времена, когда чума DEATH METAL стала распространяться по Европе, забирая в заложники дьявола трэшеров смерти. Первые вспышки болезни ощутили на себе молодые немцы BAPHOMET, GOLEM, INCUBATOR. Потом был спад, вытекший в дефицит банд подобного толка, но благодаря  стойким оловянным солдатам бундесвера, на примере POLYMORPH, DENY THE URGE, HARMONY DIES стиль получил свежее мертвецкое дыхание.POLYMORPH искренне доказывают, что пионеры стиля всегда будут мудрыми наставниками неподдельной злости смертельного металла. Реинкарнация  DEATH METAL без фальшивого намёка! REAL UG KILLING MOTHERF@@KERS!!!

POLYMORPH Disgraceful Supper - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

POLYMORPH Disgraceful Supper - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

POLYMORPH “Disgraceful supper” MCD 2005 (ГЕРМАНИЯ)

Программа плиты:
01. Innocent Suffering (03:51)
02. Masters Demand (04:16)
03. Disgraceful Supper (04:53)
04. The Downfall (03:55)
05. In the Eye of Death (04:35)
Общее время звучания: 21:32

Стиль: death metal
Год: 2005
Страна: Germany
Лейбл: G.U.C.

Polymorph was founded in 1995.
A rehearseltape called „Evil spirit“ was released in May of 1996 after some line up changes and musical experiements with the following members: Ric (g/voc), Hanne (bg) and Alex (drums). It was limited to 50 pieces and quite closen to the music of Hellhammer.
After a while Falk entered the band as singer, so became the live activities of Polymorph more intensive. He completed the line up.
The first professional demo tape “In the face of death” was recorded in the “Rape of hamonies” studio in Triptis and released in 1997.
It was limited to 200 pieces and all copies were sold during some concerts together with Krabathor, Coercion, Krisiun, Centinex, Exmortem, Purgatory and others.
The band was able to get some enthusiastic fans thru playing an aggressive set and compromiseless songs.
In October 98 entered the four musicians the „Rape Of Harmonies“ studio again for recording the first album called „Innocent Suffering”. It was released in March 99 at G.U.C.
It followed a lot of positive reactions for this but nevertheless the year 1999 wasn’t a good one for the band.
In cause of some musically differencies Hanne left Polymorph. He was replaced by Richts the bass player at the Black Metal band Namrok.
While the band was in planning stage an european tour with Purgatory Ric deseased hard. Some concerts in the Netherlands and Switzerland were cancelled.
After a long period of decisions the band decided to rehearse on without guitar. Another heavy break followed in October 1999 after a bad accident of drummer Alex.
At this time Richts left Polymorph.
In December 2000 it was possible to start rehearse again and work at old and new songs. Now the band starts looking for a new bass player what was really difficult.
The band decided after a while for Peter – he was the singer of Black Swan and was a absolute bass beginner but very motivated.
Polymorph celebrated their comeback two years after their last concert at 02 nd June in 2001 in Freiberg.
The band entered „Soundforge Recordings“ studio Berlin to record 2 new songs for „Hell bastards“ EP for three days in July of 2002.
It was released more than one year later in 10” as split EP with the Germans of Purgatory at G.U.C., again.
The new album „Disgraceful Supper“ was released in summer of 2005 at the same label.

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