SATANOCHIO From beyond

Rather known group, from Romania belonging to to the other direction BLACK METAL than their compatriots NEGURA BUNGET or VOLKODLACK.I heard their early record and shall say that their new work “from beyond” mark up on level skill. This already not mixture BLACK METAL/ NOISE/ GRIND/ HARDCORE(in early), but intelligent sound base named musician EVIL METAL, but remaining within the framework of traditional creative activity. On former musicians irritate in their own intentions on mastery their own gloomy ideas in this world. On cover of the plate black nave with logotype SATANOCHIO on board. And on former we do not know who escapes for these mystic names- S/GRUI SANGER/NIMENEA. On former we do not see their persisting person as mummies in dirty and stained with blood bandages. Strange this country-Romania. And not more strange there dwell the musicians, performing metallic music. See here SATANOCHIO-apocalyptic sounds from unrealistic world sick fantasy. Excellent work is released effort from Polish Diachell music records. 11/13

SATANOCHIO From beyond

SATANOCHIO From beyond

SATANOCHIO “From beyond” 2008 CD (ROMANIA)
Program of the plate:
Athena noctua/
Outcast the darkest/
Point seven five ounces/
From beyond
View from my coffin
Perpetuum horrible
I’m not but tomorrow I can be

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