GACYS THREADS The ignorance of purity

GACYS THREADS "The ignorance of purity" CD 2011 (IRELAND)

GACYS THREADS "The ignorance of purity" CD 2011 (IRELAND)

GACYS THREADS “The ignorance of purity” CD 2011 (IRELAND)

Program of plate:
The ignorance of purity
Weight of the wretched
Hope bleeds into despair
To the death

SAVOUR YOUR SCENE Records opens up its activities this release. Immediately I hasten to inform on the direction of the icon. The firm supports local bands performing Irish metal and hardcore. Another style has nothing to do here. Their work began in 2011, and I think they have a show. Who knows, maybe they will expand the scope of style, and invited the team to collaborate from abroad, but as long as the company name is fully justified. Aliens have no place here)! So, GACYS THREADS and their presentation. Fractured riffing and heavy sounds of vocals and guitars define the future of this group. Here we are waiting for brutal Hardcore metal. As expected in this doctrine, everything is played powerfully and nervous, the whole melody is destroyed, but instead dominated by a rumbling sound of Armageddon! I was prepared as a listener it was hard to sustain their 5 (!) Tracks, but it’s not Black metal! I think the team will have to court those who respect the work of COALESCE / THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN / CONVERGE, for example. In general, it’s ragged and nervous mad house sound!

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