BY ANY MEANS Built on respect

BY ANY MEANS "Built on respect" promo-CDr 2011 (UK)

BY ANY MEANS "Built on respect" promo-CDr 2011 (UK)

Introducing the next ward from the company SAVOUR YOUR SCENE Records.Oni were based in Belfast (Northern Ireland) in 2009. In fact this is the first album of this young band in the genre HARDCORE Metal. Quite heavy greetings based on the achievements of NY HARDCORE ALL WARRIORS.If you like things such as AGNOSTIC FRONT / CRO MAGS/MADBALL- this group will have your taste. Cover the plate speaks for itself. Here is the music for the working guy(WORKING HC BOYS CREW), based on the protests of human dogmas. Music cruelty, brutality and confrontation!

BY ANY MEANS “Built on respect” promo-CDr 2011 (UK)
Program of plate:
My anger, My gift
Mercury rising
Built on respect
City of the dead
Hardcore pride
By any means
Life support
Your weakness
Using both hands
Misanthropy (reprise)
A declaration of war

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