CRUSHER – Endless Torment

CRUSHER “Endless torment” CD 2012 (UKRAINE)
Program of plate: Intro / On the needle / Den of iniquity / Politishit / Endless torment / S (k) atanic ride / Jesus saves / Living for … / Thrasher in hell

The young seed teams do not forget the old using it. It is commendable that the Ukraine for the last time there was a whole galaxy of teams playing the antique THRASH / CROSSOVER Metal invented in the distant 80s. Some of them CRUSHER which I saw at a concert in their city, dedicated to the output drive “Endless torment” (Hail Mille, ha-ha!). CRUSHER from Kiev wearing vests with patches without much foreplay brought down an avalanche on me THRASH METAL reefs with enthusiasm first album WHIPLASH “Power and pain” / EXODUS / HIRAX etc. I have heard, as you know much more American intonation than European schools. While somewhere, and slipped notes in the spirit of “Extreme aggression” KREATOR. For the first album I think they have done the maximum to keep the idea in the style. Fast paced, lots of solo guitar and did not seem to work is boring, the guys have supplied your album replayed in his own way from the classical
SLAYER “Jesus saves” (mighty pride and kult!). Work out at the company TOTAL METAL Records, and will spread Code7 PHD. In general KICK’EM ASS! THRASH YOUNG CREW in action!

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  1. Верхи не можуть, а низи не хочуть
    Дещо неочікуваним на фоні дружби протягом останніх років профспілок і влади стало спільне засідання президій обласних організацій профспілок працівників бюджетної сфери. На ньому обговорювали стан оплати праці бюджетників. Обговорювали активно, аргументовано, переконливо.

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