D.R.I.F.F. White Steel

D.R.I.F.F. “White Steel” CD 2011 (UKRAINE)
Program of plate: The Road Back, Do not forget the distance, over which the Holy of honor, revenge, I do not believe you, Siberian forest, White Steel

Although it is not my cup of wine, but I will try to describe the contents of the album, the singer handed me this band- Stavr (growl and clear voice) during their concert in our town. A group of Kharkiv and the environment, well-known NOKTURNAL MORTUM. D.R.I.F.F. perform his music with lyrics in Russian. The semantic component as I understand it, there is a Fundamental moment. The most important thing to listen to texts telling about paganism, war and the cult of the white majesty of nature. Music as I understand it, there is an additional factor in their episode. You can simply dubbed it the pagan rock with a touch of metal. Sometimes it is an extreme jumps the sound of guitars, but it is not long. A lot of transparency in their sound, creating permanent keyboards and clean singing backing vocals. Sometimes there are blotches violin and acoustic guitar, as well as a purely ethnic folk dances in the form of insertions and losses. I will not give what-is similar to other groups. Listen for yourself and decide for yourself which camp they carry. We must pay tribute to the zeal of musicians who have released their own album at the proper level.

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