GRENOUER Lifelong Days

GRENOUER “Lifelong days” CD 2008 (RUSSIA)

Program of plate: Indecent loyalty / Addicted to you / Taken off the list / With no concern / Away from now / Finding the one / Off the back of others / The unexpected / Employed beggar / Re-active / Patience

My old friends from Russia. Perhaps because of their hard work, thrift and hard work they managed to become one of the most popular metal bands in Russia. They try to be friends with both small magazines, and monsters like KERRANG / LEGACY, and that is commendable. They never turned their backs on their fans, tried, as you can often act, where possible, and at the same time to effectively work in the studio and release an album after album. She started the team as a pure DEATH METAL band, then they passed through a little Industrial / Black metal and progressive wave. They have always been able to combine aggression and pressure, but stay in the intellectual framework of metal. The last album that we examine, we can also disown all previous ones, there was little which remained on the DEATH / BLACK METAL band that played at the beginning of its existence. This music is different. I would not say that it is bad or not musical, terms of stubborn metalworker, she just is alternative and not so hairy. I’m not going to disassemble it to pieces, for the past achievements, the group, at least, did not deserve this, an album, people have shown their implementation of ideas at the moment. It was a very creative and technological. Very heavy and electronic pulses destroy the mind as the nuclear wave all around. There are a lot of synthesized guitars and voices, they further underline industriality drive. In general, as an old fan of this team, I listened to the CD from beginning to end, and people who love to experiment in metal styles, this CD is a must to listen to. Nervous and alien UFO music!

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