ILENKUS Rule By Thieves

Program of plate:
The jig / Kleptocracy / Dr / Jekyl / Phoenix / Pompeii / Cerebral anomaly / Mayhem / Great divide

SAVOUR YOUR SCENE Records introduces us to his next performer. In contrast BY ANY MEANS and GACYS THREADS is a completely different music. In contrast, here represented by HARDCORE avant-garde approach, mixed with Industrial / Prog and Jazz Metal elements. ILENKUS – this is brains of such music are collapsed into a tube, I want to run away without looking back on these nervous and irritable sounds. And is it not important for the extreme music? (Ha-ha!) I think this is music for a small smoky club, where friends gather. Something like as it was in New York in the mid-80s: AGNOSTIC FRONT / CRO MAGS / SICK OF IT ALL / CROWBAR meets JOY DIVISION / HAPPY MONDAYS … There’s even giving emotional atmosphere as do PRIMORDIAL, but it’s just my personal association. Listen to yourself, maybe you will find in their music, something permanent for yourself and you will break the roof of their twisted sounds!


Josh Guyett – Vocals /Guitar
Chris Brennan – Vocals/Guitar
Sam Ellis – Vocals/Guitar
Robin Van Der Klooster – Bass
Rory Guyett – Drums

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