ZOMBIESLUT “Braineater” promo-CD 2010 (GERMANY)

Program of plate: 1. (Return of) the Zombie 04:06 2. Self-Exhumed 04:30 3. Theater of Beautiful Deaths 03:50 4. Whores of Christ 03: 5. Lycantrophic Funeral 03:27 6. Sentenced 03:29 7. By the Chainsaw (The Evil Dead) 05:14 8. Braineater 03:19 9. Forces of Chaos 04:26

Your humble reviewer is an avid fan of Italian Horror (Jiallo) VHS))) Good time for Italian cinema. A great book for inspiration, metal commands. How many teams play in the same genre? Probably no one will give a clear answer, but clearly they are much more than you can imagine. When I first saw the image of the disk, which was a dead man devouring a spoon, then someone’s brains out, then I was all clear. There will be something bloodthirsty, no less than wicked performance as the CANNIBAL CORPSE.Be infernal happened. Trap of BRUTAL DEATH METAL us waiting a bit standard and conservative, with no experiments, and drifts into other areas of the metal genres. According to recent reports, they have this record and are still looking for a publisher. Let’s see who is the first venture to offer them a contract. Meanwhile, a gang can be contacted at the addresses below.

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