Welcome Victor! Look at you quite Slavonic name))) Your ancestors were not accidental immigrants from Russia?) … At the time, emigrated to Brazil many Ukrainians, Russian example…


Victor: Hello from the Wild Lands!   Very thanx for the interview! No, my ancestors were portuguese/german/spanish. Many immigrants arrived in brazil in the final of nineteen century, including russian and ukranians. Brazilian people is a mix of different european immigrants (from Portugal, Spanish, Netherlands, Italy, Germany etc), african people and native indians. I dont know why my name is Victor.

How did the idea to create his own group. In fact, besides Whipstriker you are involved in a whole heap of groups … it is on all the time. You just music preservest mli you have a permanent job, which you walk. By the way I wonder who do you do? What profession do you play)

Victor: I really like to play all the time. I mean I like to compose, to record and to play live  with my bands Farscape, Atomic Roar, Whipstriker and Diabolic Force.
Unfortunately I can not live for the bands. I have to work to save money to keep the bands alive. Im a teacher of Geography. I studied Geography in University and now I finished the masterizing in Geography too. So I work during the week and play in the weekends. I had the idea to creat Whipstriker because I dont want to depend on anybody to play. As I said, I like to travel to play tours. If you have a normal band with 3 or 4 guys you must to set the time of everybody. With my own band, I can travel and invite some friend from other cities to play. So I can keep on playing all the time.


I know in Brazil live well only footballers and SEPULTURA))) Joke. Basically what I’ve seen or read regarding Brazil concerning the hard life in Flavell, crime, drug and deforestation in the Amazon delta. Can you tell us what else is there in this part of your freedom of playing metal music WHIPSTRIKER?

Victor: Yes, there are a lot of problems in Brazil. The civil war in favelas is really sad. Here in Rio you can see many cops everywhere. The violence is a big problem here. Amazonia is too far from Rio. But everybody knows about the deflorestation. Its a problem too. Its hard to play Heavy Metal in Brazil. We dont have support to do that. So we play in shit places, with horrible amps, horrible drumms. Its expensive to play a tour here too, because Brazil is very big, so you have to pay to travel big distances between the cities. In the other hand we have many good band in whole Brazil like Power From Hell, Apokalyptic Raids, Grave Desecrator, Nuclear Frost, Blasfemador, Violator, Infamous Glory, Defy, Carrasco, Metraliator, Beast Conjurator, Escarnium, Headhunter DC, By War, Unfit Scum, Unhaligast, Velho, Flagelador, Imperador Belial, Grave Reaper, Submitt, The Black Coffins, Armagedom, Desastre, Arkebeltz, Nightmare, Death Raiser, Nosferatu, Caverna, Facada, Besthoven, Death From Above, Subterror and many more. We keep the scene alive !

Your music is for fans of the old metal. I include here himself to such. When I bought your vinyl record, I found a lot of emotional and mental metal for themselves. First of all, I found a lot of VENOM and MOTORHEAD associations. As you see Whipstriker. Hotelos to hear your presentation as a founder of the group?

Victor: Indeed I try to mix many influences in teh whipstrikers sound. I like other styles like Crust Punk, Death Metal and 70s Rock n Roll. So each stuff has a different identity. If you hear our demos you check it because the songs have a crust influence. Our splits are more Venom, and teh album more Venom/Motor/Rock n Roll.
The next album will mix these influences, from 70S Rock n Roll to the early Bathory.

I saw a picture just you alone. You play in WHIPSTRIKER one or all of the instruments you help session musicians. Who helps you at the concerts?

Victor: I compose the songs and invite my friends to record. I dont play drumms. So I always invite my old friends Leo and Pedro from Farscape to play drumms and guitar solos. In the gigs I invite the friends from the cities. I played with Thomas Oliveira from Nuclear Frost, Felipe Nizuma from Braindeath, Armando Executor from Flagelador, Marcio Cativeiro from Apokalyptic Raids and Grave Desecrator, Carlos from Bonebreaker and Beast Conjurator, Hugo from Carrasco. Leo and Pedro often play live too.

A lot of people come to the concerts in Brazil metal bands such as WHIPSTRIKER? If there was an opportunity to play with someone, who would you like to see on the stage next to WHIPSTRIKER?

Victor: Yes, Brazil has a big crowd in the gigs. I really would like to play with Midnight. For me theyre the best band nowdays. But I would like to play together with Children of Technology, GATES, Satans Satyrs, Germ Bomb, Skull and Bullets, Cruel Force, Raw Poison, Nunslaughter, Abigail, Sabbat, Metalucifer, Pistons, Burning Leather, Speed Wolf, Nocturnal, Bludwulf, Iron Kobra, Kriegg, Drunken Bastards, Deathhammer, Power from Hell and many more.

Who rotates in your community. What bands are you closely linked and mutually supportive. How would you describe the current state of the underground scene in Brazil?

Victor: I think the underground scene is very good in Brazil. There are a lot of people into the underground here. The big problem is: we dont have to much money to buy good equipaments, we dont have support. So usually we play in horrible amps and PAs. Only the mainstream bands play in good equipaments. But Its OK. We do what we can to keep the scene alive. I like many brazilian bands like I said in the question 3.

Is there any artists that you always charged with energy, who had on WHIPSTRIKER can influence?

Victor: My fave bands are Venom, Bathory, Warfare, Kreator, Thin Lizzy, Motorhead, Tank, Celtic Frost, Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, Possessed, Bulldozer, Voivod, Sarcofago, Discharge, Anti-Cimex, GBH, Sodom, Hellhammer, Death, Morbid Angel, Sacrifice, Running Wild, Living Death, Black Sabbath etc.

Why did the idea to release new material from WHIPSTRIKER on cassete(MC)?You myself have cassette player to listen to your tape recording?

Victor: I like to release the stuffs in LP, TAPE and CD. LP and Tape are too much better than CD. Im a tape-maniac!  Thats why Ill always release the stuffs in Tape version. And Yes, I have a cassete player of course. I can not live without it.

Collecting the music library on the same tape, vinyl discs and CD.What type of media information you prettier, and why?

Victor: I prefer LP and Tape. The sound of LP is better than CD. And the cover of  LP is better too. The sound of the tape is good too, and I like to collect it. CD sucks… I Think cd is dying day after day.

You play and help many bands, and other famous musicians offer you my help? From whom do you get in the underground most support?

Victor: I already played in Toxic Holocaust, Warhammer and Apokalyptic Raids. In some months Ill play bass for Besthoven too. Im a big fan of these bands. So its a pleasure to play with them. But I think my greatest help is to bring the bands to play in Rio de Janeiro. I organize a fest called Noize as Fuck. So often I bring bands from teh other stated to play in Brazil. I support the underground bands, fuck the mainstream.

Cassette with the Brazilian group has gone far in Europe, why not let her in Brazil?

Victor: I sell tapes in Brazil too. But usually we release them in Europe or USA because Brazil doesnt produce tapes anymore. Its sad! When I want to buy a tape I have to pay around 12 Euros including postage. Fuck!

Tell me how distributed your last record … What your feedback on SPEED Rock “n Metal)?

Victor: Each stuff has a different distribution because I released stuffs by different labels from different countries. Iron Bonehead (Germany), Death Strike (Germany), Fuck The Mainstream (Germany), Dying Victims (Germany), Hellrocker (AUSTRIA), Bestial Invasion (UK), Deathrash Armageddon (Japan), Heavy Steel (Portugal),
Herege Warfare (Portugal), Morbid Tales (Brazil), La Medula Espinal (Equador), Cutthroat (USA). So I think each stuff has a different distribution.


When you can hear the new work WHIPSTRIKER and FARSCAPE?

Victor: Farscape will release teh third album in march/2012 by Bestial Invasion Records in CD/LP. The new album of Whipstriker comming out in april/2012 only in CD for Now, but probably in LP and Tape soon. We released teh Split LP/CD/TAPE with Power From Hell recently. Check this stuff.

What do you know about Ukraine and hear what the teams from here?

Victor: I really dont know too much about Ukraine. I would like to know some bands and zines. PLease, show me what you think is good to know. Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash, Metalpunk, Punk, Crust etc. Im open to know everything

Say something to the end of our conversation, I thank you for the interview metal bro!

Victor: I would like to say thanx for the interview. I always support the underground stuffs like zines, blogs, sites, etc. Keep on working with your zine. The scene needs you! The readers can contact us and hear our songs at:

mail: whipstriker@yahoo.com.br

Music: http://www.reverbnation.com/whipstriker
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Whipstriker/168378886539292?ref=hl
Videos: http://www.youtube.com/whipstriker

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