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Interview With GRAVEWURM

1) HELLISH HAIL!!! Спасибо за потраченное время и ответы на вопросы. В начале расскажи откуда вы пришли и как вы добились до такого уважаемого статуса под землёй?

1) Алекс, благодарю, что ты заинтересовался GRAVEWURM. Мы были активны с 1990. В течение начального периода, DEATH METAL и PRIMITIVE DOOM METAL были нашими большими влияниями. Когда наш первый официальный демонстрационный СD был написан и записан в 1993, определивший наш звук в последствии как BLACKTHRASH c сохранением некоторых элементов DOOM METAL. Банды подобно CELTIC FROST, WINTER, GOATLORD, NUNSLAUGHTER, HELLHAMMER, раннему SODOM и KREATOR были нашим влиянием в основе. Я – не уверен какая группа была первой и  имела имя Graveworm с самого начала. Мы были названы DOMINION в  начале нашей карьеры. В январе 1993, мы изменили имя на GRAVEWURM, но мы всегда писали литеру U, а не О в названии группы. Позже в 1999 когда Christophe Spjadel создавал  вторую версию нашего логотипа, он добавил упомянутую букву U., которая сформировала банду, которая была создана из нашего поклонения зловещим звукам металла и убийственных гитарных риффов.

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Interview With Sammath

Sammath was formed in 1994 by Jan Kruitwagen. Inspired by early black metal and the thrash, speed and death formations of the eighties. Growing up in Australia raw fast metal left its mark on Sammath. Jan moved from Sydney to Europe, Holland in 1989.

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Interview With LUCERA


+I welcome! As mood after the let out album. I am unusually surprised having received one of 10 copies of a disk. Who has still got to the list of dispatches.

LUCERA/ hell-o alexumer! first of all thanks for your interest in Lucera, and yes we only press 10 official promo copies for magazines-people -and labels. We also made 30 extra copies(bad quality) and gave them for free to people in a local show here down in Florida. And me Buziraco choose the people worthy to have this lucera’s limited promo copy. We know our people and that’s why you received one!
+I see you support old principles in metal. Why you have chosen such wild way.

Cause metal is already made, we don’t want to create anything new. we play metal the way it is, and as fenriz says “modern metal I don’t give a f@@k”. metal must be remains the same!
+On music it is visible that your creativity was affected by old gangs like Motorhead.
Of course my friend, total respect to the classics, we also are influence by all those obscure rare bands from late 70’s and early 80’s, and by bands like bathory,celtic frost,Parabellum (colombia S.A.)cause we are real rock & roll and support the honest metal made!
+You group of Colombia but live in USA.What so it has turned out. You have a dual citizenship. Where it is easier to play metal in the USA or Colombia.

As you know Colombia is not a good country in many aspects. It is a country with no opportunities , due to it many Colombians had to leave their country searching for a better future ,and we are not the exception. Concerning to the metal scene in USA or Colombia the answer is very relative. Colombia it is a country where the metal scene is big and wild, but the economical situation of Colombia does not permit any band to prevail in the scene. However Few bands had achieve that in a country where to play metal for hobby is a luxury. Here in USA the metal scene is in agony ,but the economical condition of the country offers to you the opportunity to spend time and money in you band.
+Time Colombia so this country is closely connected with corruption and a narcotism.
For nobody around the world is a secret that Colombia is a narco-nation! We grew up in that country so our memories of colombia are the combustible for our pestilent lyrics!
+You were on drugs from the country and the truth that they happen different quality.

Of course my friend the real Colombian cocaine is able to destroy your nose in weeks. And you know, when our magnificent product for example arrive to the united states , the small dealers mix it with a lot of different powders such as aspirin .le me tell you my friend if you want to try it definitely Colombia has to be in you next itinerary.

+Such legend as Pablo Eskobar in what that to a measure also has glorified your country for the whole world having made in 80 years its object of steadfast attention.

Pablo Escobar was one of the most evil person in the world. Colombia suffered a lot when this guy was around, Many killings, massacres, drugs, violence, bombs, tortures, where common in Colombia. Those years are without doubt unforgettable to us and fount of inspiration for lucera’s material.
+Whether there will be still videos after LUCERA. The clip extraordinary was pleasant.

Thanks again Alex! Yes the videoclip shows an obscure aspect in Colombia. Th homeless people and the common street Colombia violence. Very usual for us!
+When it will be possible to hear your compositions on professional carrier CD or a vinyl disk.

HAHA, good question! We don’t know! We don’t have a label, we don’t have money either to release something professional. Right now we are looking for a label . Our “Blackzuco” album is ready since Oct 2009 , if we cant find a label soon ,I think we will press a self release but don’t expect something professional, anyways we don’t care! we will continue making honest metal for metalheads no matter the format!
+You very much sit for a long time in an underground. Than such languid activity in respect of release of records is caused.

Yes we only released two promotional albums :one in 94 no more than 10 copies cassette, in 2005 a promotional cd with 3 songs no more than 30 copies, and the last album 2007 was never released(the album before blackzuco)we never got a label or money to releases it, but we are going to add one song form that album as a bonus track in our new Blackzuco album. We also had a break during 1998, that was the time when we were moving to the united states!.you know brother that lucera is an underground band, as you know few people are interesting in old school. The honest classic brutal metal is only for the chosen ones. We don’t care to remain in the underground as far we still playing from our hearts.
+Your relation to alcohol and as you perceive it. You act in a sober kind.
That people speak about your performances. In what condition now there is a Colombian scene. That will recommend from your places.

As I said before the metal scene is wild in colombia , and yes we love alcohol is part of our life, with aguardiente(colombian alcohol) many colombian neckties where performed!

You also have underlined that playing cocaine metal. Explain in detail.

+You remember the first metal concert in Colombia. Whether the big names like KISS or MERCYFUL FATE often there acted?

No big metal bands performed in colombia during the time that we lived there. I know that quiet riot performed in Colombia in early 80’s besides that nothing. The first important metal show that I saw in colombia was Sodom in 1996 or 97 don’t remember. Nowadays many metal bands play shows in Colombia
+You execute things of other commands at yourselves on rehearsals or concerts?

Same I don’t understand it

+As there is a creation of your compositions. Who has thought up to you images for photos. That people who looked your videoclip speak. Your comments

Those little clips of people in Colombia were taken from a documentary about homeless people in Bogotá. Those are normal events in colombia , that homeless people in crime is a very familiar scene for every Colombian. And lucera wants to share that obscure side of colombia with the world, that’s why we chose those clips.

Colombia is not a good country, a lot misery, inequality, massacres ,paramilitary forces, crime. You can get kill for a pair of shoes, life is not valuable in Colombia. Dont go over there or if you want to see something similar to hell there you go, Colombia is waiting for you!
+That think of financial crisis, about domination and opposition of the USA and Russia, about an Islamic way on a planet, terrorism and the World championship on football in the republic of South Africa …

To be honest with you now in our mid 30’s we don’t really care about was going on around the world, we just work, study, take care of our families, and play metal, besides that every event in the world is not important to us unless it affects ours lives directly.

And regarding to the world cup, we did not qualify , we are jus waiting for a word cup for assassins because I m pretty sure we will be the champions
+Whether you had problems with police … Who that of participants LUCERA was in imprisonment places, in prisons … What term threatens with the Colombian legislation for distribution of cocaine and communications with a drug mafia?

Drugs in colombia are illegal, but is it very cheap, and easy to get them. Colombia produce 90% of the cocaine in the world, and that cocaine is now being distributed inside Colombia because nowadays is very hard to send it to the exterior like before. The new drug lords don’t want to lose money and because they cant send it to Europe or usa,like before they started a new commercial activity inside Colombia , and by the way we never been in prison but many relatives were on prison in colombia and states due to the drug business.
+Have families and how earn, your basic trades, if not a secret?

Lol…drug lords or family cartels don’t exist in Colombia anymore . Now guerrillas and paramilitary forces are in control of it. In late 80’s and early 90’s probably around 90% of the populations had something relative with drug trafficking
+Heard something about Ukraine?
Unfortunately no, we don’t know anything about your metal scene, but we want to know more we like east Europe metal it has an amazing Slavic touch.
+Thanks for interview also tell that that in end of our conversation …

Thanks so much for your interview alex! We wish you god luck with your amazing magazine, and metal forever!

Lucera colombian cocaine metal since 1992

Interview With INSULTERS

All started before the summer of 2008, where Gusi “Bourbon Devastator”, Makeda “Massive Nuclear C@mmer” and Mendia “Blasphemic Vomitor” talked about the idea of formming a band, it had to sound in the vein of some old bands taking influences from Celtic Frost, Venom, Slayer, Bathory, Motörhead, Possessed, Sodom, Damnation (Swe), and some other mighty metal bands…finally the chosen name for the band was INSULTERS…


Three or four years before, Bourbon Devastator, Massive Nuclear C@mmer and Blasphemic Vomitor played in a band with Edgar (from the tribute band to Motörhead, Bastards) called “Cermiñón Cerebral”.We made some rehearsing sessions but the members of the band were too busy with their jobs and others projects to continue with the band, the aim was continue playing toguether, but the time passed and these project died. Bourbon Devastator and Massive Nuclear C@mmer continued with their other band MORBID FLESH and some years after Bourbon Devastator joined GRAVEYARD at drums. In other way Blasphemic Vomitor started promoting some underground gigs under the banner of SABATHELL METAL ATTACk and making some patches and t-shirts for metal bands.

 deadwebzineOne night we were at Blasphemic Vomitor’s house and we were drinking some beers and bringing chaos. Talking completely stoned about something we can’t remember, Pedruki “Clito Sodomizer” listenned how we were talking about our dead project and he was so interested in playing drums in some band (he is the lead guitar player in METRALLA). Our first rehearsing like INSULTERS was at 11th November 2008, one week after we started recording our first demo in Blasphemic Vomitor’s room with litres and litres of beer and whisky,some evil stuff and the minimum resources…
… it’s all bastards…

HELL WARRIORS! How are you there?  Please introduce INSULTERS!

Hey! Here I am so stoned, as usual… haha! INSULTERS is a band from Sabathell (Barcelona)we were formed in 2008, we play F@@KING METAL and we are here to kick your rotten asses bastards. No more introduce needed.

Tell us about name band-INSULTERS. You know INSULTERS from Germany?

Yeah, we know about INSULTER from Germany but I think that our music is quite different even they are playing extreme metal as us, it would be funny to share stage some unholy night!

INSULTERS released second 5-tracks demo. How was it accepted by the maniacs in hellground?

Well, I think that now it’s pretty soon to know how has been accepted our new demo “Black Vomit”, but we don’t give a shit, really, we play metal as we feel it in our veins. Take it or F@@K YOU.

METAL influences for me. I right or no? Which bands influenced you the most while writing this material?

Yeah, you are right maniac! We take influencies of Celtic Frost, Venom, Motörhead (ALL HAILS TO MOTÖRHEAD!!), Damnation, Slayer, Dismember, Nifelheim, Sodom and an endless f@@king list….


Hehehe, that’s the name that the vokiller of LIE IN RUINS said when he listened us! We liked it and we gave it us ours, we take so many influences of different kinds of metal, in other way we don’t want to be classified with a stick, at least it is Metal or don’t, you know what I mean.

So you’re working on full length already?

We are not working in any full-lenght. We are looking for editing some Splits and there are no more future plans, by the way we’ll do.

Tell us about contract with FISTBAG records…?

No contracts man, it was an underground release. They edited “Skull Krushers” and it’s all, no compromise!

On first demo your use cover song from CELTIC FROST. On second demo too
cover song from POSSESSED. I must ask you about your opinion this MIGHTY bands?

They are just bands which we use to listen and covering these songs is our way to worship them, just as a tribute, great songs and great bands, eternal respect for them!

Your attitude to hard alcohol? Your personal favorite in drink? Tell us humor history about your overdose alcohol?

The only point is that we are always too thirsty, it don’t care but mainly Beer, Wine, Wodka and Bourbon.

There are thousands of funny histories! But I can tell you that looking for drinks (During the record sessions of Skull Krushers) Clito Sodomizer crashed the Bourbon Devastator’s car, we passed in front of a bunch of f@@king policemen and they didn’t see us with all the back windows destroyed! I don’t know if it is funny, but it was really thrilling!

Attitude to drugs and NEVER STOP THE MADNESS?

Never stop doing what you want to do, it’s all.

Since what age did you start listening Metal? Are you into any other musical genres?

We started to listen metal at the age of 12-13. We are into some real rock’n’roll bands and some punk/crust bands. It has to have the right attitude, it’s all.

What do you think about Myspace?

Myspace is a good tool to contact faster with people in the other side of the globe, in the other hand, it’s like a soap of maggots, there is so many shit.

Please comment your slogan from flyers-No nu, No gay, No prog…?

These is the slogan from Fistbang Records, but we support it! Really Dou you think that it’s needed any comment about that? Hahaha HEAVY METAL THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE.

Tell us about real Spanish underground. Please recommend some good bands / zines from Spain…?

There are good fanzines like Bloody, Hellspawn, Orfismo, There where I don’t belong (that one is written in english. You can listen some good bands from spain like for example KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR, GRAVEYARD, REDIMONI, BALMOG, ERED, MORBID FLESH, METRALLA, DISHAMMER, TEITANBLOOD, PROCLAMATION, FOSCOR, DECAPITATED CHRIST

Your attitude to M.P.D.S. crew in worldwide?

I think that it’s great this connection between people from different countries and it has the right attitude, F@@K OFF AND DIE!!

Do you find any interest in new bands? You liked last working DARKTHRONE for example…?
Yeah I liked it, f@@k to black sheeps sons of marketing. There are too much new bands at the moment, but there are still some real crushing bands, I mean acts such as Tribulation or Die Hard.

INSULTERS from Barcelona city. Beside you the most frantic and cruel fans of the football. You go on stadium?

It’s too expensive for us going to the stadium, but the major part of the band follows football. F.C. BARCELONA obviously.

What can you say about the following?

Spanish Terroristic acts/ that’s not my war

School massacre in Columbine/ We are sons of their society

BATHORY/ Eternal worship

Spanish inquisition/ SHIT

Emo and gothic? MORE SHIT

What are the last words that you’d like to tell me and the readers?

Never stop the vomit! Support real metal and DIE HARD HELL-MANIACS!!

TOXIC SOCIETY Living thrashers
DATURA Impulse 80
POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER Avantground undergrind
THE LURKING CORPSES Smells like the dead
VOMITOUS Devoid of Divinty Demo 2008

Interview With INFEST


This is one of the most important year in Infest carrier! Vandal becomes very good friend with legendary AAD KLOOSTERWAARD from SINISTER,and to make their friendship stronger, they decide to record one song together, so Adrie sings as a guest vocal on “Screaming From Within”,that becomes one of the most listened song in the lines of Infest fans!! Also, Vandal makes a very good connection with songwriter of VADER, HARRY MAAT, and Harry wrote one of the lyrics for Infest new album,and called it “A SICKNESS NAMED RELIGION” which also finds a good way for Infest fans! GLAD from Serbian horde of black metal MAY RESULT appears as guest vocal on “KRSTU JE KRAJ”, only song that Infest ever recorded in Serbian language! As a promotion of new material Infest played in Czech Republic,on Exit festival and many many more… New album “ONWARD TO DESTROY” appeared on October 10. 2009. and found a great reaction of a crowd!!Infest also became a member of Blood Stained Promotion from Holland, so you can excpect more gigs in new year.Now we only have to wait new European tour which is planed for December this year and to hear what Infest had prepared for their fans!


Ideology of band shall forever remain antichristian persuasions and suffocation of destructive christian theory and its filthy influence on humanity!

Hail to all those who support our ideals and work!

SLAVA BRATE! How your successes? Tell about stories of creation of your band?

VANDAL: Regards Alexumer!! Everything started back in 2003 when couple of kids decided to play deathrash. We have recorded our first demo INQUISITION in that period, and soon after that, one more. We named it TIME TO DIE. During that period there were a lot of gigs, festivals and stuff for promotion, and finally in 2006 we have finished our first full length ANGER WILL REMAIN. Lot of things happened until now, all members were changed, some because of personal problems; some were kicked out, so now we finally have a real crew in a band.

INFEST has written down recently the next disk “Onward to destroy». Your disk well classical sample DEATH METAL shows… Proceeding from what reasons you preach the game?

VANDAL: This year, Zero Budget and Grom Records released our new album ONWARD TO DESTROY which includes 9 songs of pure old school deathrash metal. I wrote all music and lyrics, except one song lyrics, which was written by legendary HARRY MAAT, song writer of VADER (

Music I create and lyrics that I wrote show how I really feel everything around me. Vision of this massive betrayal called religion, blinded people by faith,

Untrusting attitude to the system….and I see that I can’t change anything, so I use my music as a machine gun. Maybe, so one will take a message from these songs…and I’m glad that you like it.

In record of your disk musicians SINISTER have taken guest part and MAY RESULT. Tell us is more detailed about the given cooperation?

VANDAL: ADRIE from SINISTER is a living legend!!!! We became friends for a short time, and we decided to make it stronger with his vocals on our song as a support!
GLAD from MAY RESULT is my friend for a long time, and it was just a meaning of time when will we make something together, so we made one song on Serbian and I saw it as a perfect moment to sing it with GLAD.

To be pleasant to you creativity of this bands. SINISTER is close to your creativity. And music MAY RESULT it BLACK METAL a band from your country.

VANDAL:   Well we have influence from SINISTER, but we are still taking the old school way of Death Metal, so there’s a little difference in our music, but we all grove up on Sinister albums. MAY RESULT is elite Serbian black metal band! They enjoy great respect across the world! One of the biggest bands from Serbia ever…

Tell about the Serbian movement. Personally to me are familiar only KOZELJNIK, THE STONE and MAY RESULT. Who has still let out good albums from your Country?

VANDAL:  All these 3 bands are involved in Serbian Black metal elite!

But, we also have good death, thrash, and speed metal scene and bands Disdained, Awaiting Fear, Nadimac, Pollution, Azazel and many more….

As to you it is worked Grom records – Zero Budget Production. Tell us about this pair of yours friend’s records. On what conditions they are have published your disk. In what circulation you have published “Onward to destroy”?

VANDAL:  I’m very glad that they’ve done it together, because I’m good friend with both of them, and every problem can be fixed very quickly…

Their distribution is on very high standard and I’m sure that you can find our CD across the world…I get reviews from some unexpected part od the world… (Indonesia, Turkey….)
SINISTER for you probably not only group for inspiration of the composition of music. And what do you think of older Dutch DEATH METAL to gods as PESTILENCE/ASPHYX/ PENTACLE?

VANDAL:   Of course not, but one of my favourite for sure …Pestilence is my first love of death metal, and when I hear Asphyx I go crazy :)!!!

Pentacle is a favourite band of our lead guitarist Glavoseca, and of course one of mine…But I like also Supreme Pain, Dutch death metal maniacs!!

Time has started talking about influences. That by what bands are inspired INFEST. Your favourite set of groups?

VANDAL:  Oooo very hard question…But I’ll try to make my list as short as possible…Vader, Old Sepultura, Sinister, Unleashed, Dismember, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Destroyer 666, Desaster……and I think that this is enough 🙂

As is to simple Serbian guys from group INFEST in Serbia. As whom do you work in a life, whether have families?

VANDAL: We are all students in Belgrade, except our drummer who works in a company as a control man.. Standards in Serbia are very low, so we all have to work somewhere, whenever we can to make some money for living….None of us is from Belgrade, so we all live far from our families, but that’s the price of finding good people to play…So if someone’s not ready to make that kind of decisions, lot of good bands never make something….

Whether often you give concerts. How many on time your performance and as you communicate with fans lasts. Play things of other groups during performances. You play the sober?

VANDAL: I can say that we played a lot of gigs in past year, as in Serbia, at the same way in Macedonia, Czech… but we have planed more gigs in 2010, because of promotion of this new album, and now we are preparing tour for the next year, but I’ll let you know as soon as all dates are announced….

We play sometimes covers from Sodom, Slayer, Death, Unleashed and even Iron Maiden …It depends on a reaction of crowd…but for now it was great atmosphere always…

It was pleasant to me intro to your disk. Very atmospheric and malicious. Many critics compare you with MORBID ANGEL. What to you such comparison?

VANDAL:  Thank you, nice to hear that !Intro is very dark and atmospheric, because it’s a opener for an album with that kind of lyrics and music. I saw in many reviews that people compare us with Morbid Angel which is very nice for me to hear, I’m honoured with that, but we are still trying to bring something ours , something original, but still in the old school way od deathrash…

VANDAL / Glavoseca/ Zealot / ZOMBI – Who’s Has thought up to you such terrible names?

VANDAL: HAHAHAAH, Trust me, everyone except me has that “nick name” for a long time, from childhood period…Only I decided to take Vandal as my other name, because it looks like on me, the way of my attitude is like that, so I think that it’s ok for me, so I don’t care if someone don’t like it …

On a disk you express gratitude and greetings Macedonian metalheads. INFEST are popular in neighbouring countries were Yugoslavia?

VANDAL:  All of the greetings for Macedonian people are not enough! What we enjoy when we play there it can’t be described by the word…you have to see that, that’s the main reason why we will take a video down there on our next show! We haven’t played in all ex YU countries, but where ever we played, reaction of crowd was very good!! Next year we will play across Europe, so we will for sure play in every of them…

You were born in which country already are not present. Or to be the Serb for you a point of honour and national pride. What can you tell about culture of the country out of Yugoslavia?

VANDAL:  I really don’t remember how it was then, because I was very young for all that, but now I can say that I’m proud to be Serb , but I don’t have to show that in public as being terrorist and stuff like some nations present us..

Serbian traditional culture is very interesting and who ever come here, he can’t believe what he see, because, as I said, lot of people want to destroy us and talk shit about us. but , we don’t give a f@@k… We survived a lot of wars, and proved that we are strong nation. Also in sport…how many medals do we have…and how small country we are….

As to you all this Muslims a brothel in Kosovo. It was necessary to play with INFEST in those lands?

VANDAL:  Politics created all that shit in Kosovo…It’s a shame for Europe and for every politician , how they are afraid to do anything to make that things clear with Serbs and Muslims on Kosovo…Kosovo is Serbian ground for centuries, and that’s how it is. You can not take something and say how that is yours , if it belongs to someone else…

Your associations with:

a)  Great SINISTER ALBUM, also very good band
b) Their politicians will destroy this Earth
c)I don’t like movies about his social  themes
e) WORLD CHAMPION 91 in football, my first love, and my favourite club for life!!

When to wait your following DEATH METAL for attack and tell in the end something on Serbian for fans INFEST!!!

VANDAL: Soon we will play with Disdained in Macedonia, so everyone’s welcome!!

Thanks a lot for a great interview and thanks a lot to all our fans across the world! We are ready for new gigs and festivals, so very soon we will meet somewhere!!!! STAY BRUTAL!!!!666

Zoran Sokolović
Kosovska 6
35000 Jagodina

INFEST Onward to destroy
FUNERAL WHORE Morbid intentions
DEATHBOUND Non compos mentis
Bastard priest Ghouls of the endless night
BLOODTHIRST EXCIDIUM Infernal thrashing kommandments Split CD

Interview With Sergei Pismeny EVIL’S BEST ZINE


1. Hi Sergei! Please tell me how you’ve reached the “promised land” (aka Israel). Where did you get into Heavy Metal and how old were you back then? What was the first band to turn your life upside down?

Hailz Alex! Thanks a lot for your interest in my unholy activities! I was born in Ukraine, not too far from you, but I moved with my parents to the UNholy land back in early 1996 (at the age of 9,5). It’s a long story, so let’s just say that I’m just one of these GREAT people who immigrated form the ex-USSR, haha!

I fell in love with the sound of electric guitar when I first discovered some Soviet Rock bands through my brother’s tapes back when I was 4 or 5, these were bands like Kino, DDT, Sektor Gaza and the likes. My abilities to find more Rock stuff were very limited back then ov korpse, but I somehow felt that there gotta be some much “crazier” music and I gotta like it once I hear it. It happened at the age of 15, when I heard IRON MAIDEN by accident. As you said – my world got turned upside down and mymusical tastes keep going downhill since then!

2. Tell me please – where did the idea of creating your own zine come from? What gave you the ultimate push to start collecting written material about underground bands? How do you position your zine in the underground?

This idea came to my mind when I noticed that I had the perfect conditions for running such an activity back when I was in the army, not too long before I finished my 3 years long military service. I had lots of free time, an access to xeerox and most important – enough great True Metal bands to write about! The debut issue was in Hebrew, because it sucked to see that such a small per cent of so called “Metalheads” are actually into METAL here in IsraHell, a country that is polluted with trendy “metal”core garbage.

I wanted to show the people that Metal still kicks ass and there are tons of good bands nowadays as well. And so I interviewed a few bands I like and respect a lot (Golgolot, Apokalyptic Raids, Gehennah) and wrote some reviews and one dark night stole the key of my base sommander’s office and xeroxed enough copies of the 1st issue of the zine to empty the brand new (1 week old!) xerox he had there! No one could understand the day after how come it got emptied so fast, haha! Since later it became obvious that the need in an English-written zine is way bigger than the demand for a Hebrew-written one, “ROA BEMEITAVO” got trnslated to “EVIL’S BEST” since the 2nd issue and will stay this way.

As for Evil’s Best’s position in the ug – good question… I’d rather let the readers judge it. Underground is mutual help and support and of course honesty, so it’s not that I’m trying to compete with any other zine editors. Still, I can proudly say that I’m just doing my best to spread it like a fvkkin’ pestilence and not to kvltivate it by limiting it to 13 copies. Evil’s Best gets distributed in soooo many countries and so far the feedback It received is positive, so I feel like I’m doing things the right way. My naive dreams about changing something in Israel probably didn’t come true, but as long as there are some individuals who do like it – I’m glad that it attracted the lions! Don’t need the sheeps anyway, fvkk them!

3. Personally I’m not familiar with any paper zines from your country. Are you the first fanzine editor, or have there been any attempts to create any underground zines there in the past?
Well, there was such a thing as Hebrew-written METAL HAMMER in Israel in the past (it’s anything but a FANzine though), but it went bankrupt. Around a decade ago – there also used to be a Hebrew-written pro-printed fanzine called “MATAHOT KVEDOT” (=”Heavy Metals” in Hebrew) here, but only 3 issues were made. An interesting fact is that its editor Chaim Drishner lives in the same city where I live, just 200-300 meters away from me.

I’ve also heard that there used to be a very obscure Black Metal-oriented fanzine called “Hellgate” here, but never got the chance to see a copy of it myself. Same goes for a local zine called “Avodat Elilim” (=”Paganism” in Hebrew) I only heard about from a guy who lives in Greece. There’s a mostly mainstream Metal-oriented pro-printed magazine called “Rockpoint” here in Israel, which is being spread for free and I heard that underground Punk fanzines at least used to exist here in the past, but when it comes to xeroxed ug Metal zines – it seems that my zine is one of the very few coming from Israel and nowadays it’s definitely the only one, so no wonder it’s the first Israeli zine you’ve ever heard about.

4. What are you doing in your everyday life, what’s your profession and how does your family accept your activities?

“I’M THE BLAKK VOMIT OV HELL!!!!!!!!!!” Nowadays I’m studying in a university… My family didn’t like my musical choices already back when I was a child, but it seems that they got used to it. You can say a 13 years old kid that he’s gonna grow out of this stupid noise, but it’s pretty useless to say it to someone who is into it for 18-19 years out of 23…

5. Where is your zine’s title taken from and is it dangerous to spread such a name upon the holy land? Have you ever faced any conflicts with religious organizations or the police?

Since Metal is in my opinion way better when it deals with evil, darkness, obscurity or even Metal lifestyle, rathen than society, politics, fairies and other boring bullshit – I couldn’t think about a name that doesn’t have the word EVIL, so fortunately I found a name that is also a words-game and can be inderstood in more than 1 way. This idea came pretty naturally, since I like humour and word-games a lot.

As for the latter part of the question – I promote my zine among Metalheads, not within religious communities or police departments, so I think that neither of them even know about it, and even if they did – it’s not a country of tanks and camels as it might look form the other side of a TV screen but still a free country. Probably the biggest enemy of my activities is the ignorance of internet-bangers, who think that getting your dose of Metallized information from paper and not from a PC-screen is retarded and for whom METAL menas “MTV-2” and not real Heavy / Doom / Thrash / Death / Black Metal! I wish them that they get addicted to p@#n and deny real sex as well, haha!

6. How much time does your writing process usually take? Does anyone help you doing the zine? Who is responsible for the cover artworks of Evil’s Best?

It varies… I made the first issue in just a few weeks and the 2nd one was made in just 3 more months, since I had more free time to write. It took me around 10 months to forge the 3rd assault though, but I actually worked on it mostly during the last 3 months if not less. It depends on the amount of spare time I have, inspiration and unfortunately laziness. Also, when releasing a new issue – I’m very busy packaging all my trade parcels (and I trade A LOTm since recently I also started a tape label/Metal distro), so there’s no time left for writing.

Many people asked me to contribute to the zine, but I want MY zine to be done by me and not occasional “hitchhikers”. So far I included only 1 live report in the 2nd issue that was written by someone else (and probably will do it only once more, if at all). In the last issue some labels helped me by agreeing to get their ads included in my zine. I didn’t ask for much money and hence didn’t get that much, but as long as it did help me to cover some postal expenses – I definitely feel grateful! As for other kinds of content – the only 2 people that are ALWAYS welcome to be involved in my zine are Milovan Novakovic form Montenegro, who drew the both the Hebrew and the English logos of the zine (and my label’s logo too) and the covers, and Julien aka NAGAWIKA, who makes killer Metal-oriented comics! These guys have golden hands!

7. Do you remember your first interview and your first buyer? How was the response on the zine on your zine?

The first buyer was a f@@kin’ poser, unfortunately, haha, but I didn’t know him before he bought it and discovered it only too late! The first interview was made with Adir/Golgolot form Israel (by the way – a die hard religious man), whom I know since years and was the ultimate person for me to interview for a Hebrew-written zine back then. I tried my best from the start and so I’m pleased even with what I did back when I totally lacked any experience in doing the zine thing.

Both he promotion of the 1st issue and the interest in it in Israel were very poor and not many bought it (even though the price was as ridiculous as around 1$), but the die hard maniacs from other countries traded with me to get this “exotic” zine with pleasure, even though they were unable to do anything with it but looking at the pictures, haha! Their response was “YOU MUST DO AN ENGLISH VERSION, BASTARD!”.

At the beginning I got frustrated, since my aim was to make something special for the local crowd and I almost gave up the idea of doing another issue, but an old Metal Maniak called Yishai (who runs the label RAVEN MUSIC for over a decade and the ROCKPOINT zine I mentioned before) gave me some piece of advice and I just went on collecting material for a possible new issue, this time in English (also since it was a pain in the ass to translate).

When suddenly I realized it was already enough for 92 pages, I just printed EVIL’S BEST#2, which got accepted in the ug way better than I expected! This time I went to a printing shop and printed a big bunch of the zine (and still keep printing it every time it runs out of stock. It’s also better to print it there since it saves many hours of fvkkin’ with a xerox and doing every hole with a needle in order to stample the zine, as I had to do with the debut isssue!) and tried to promote it way harder. Many labels worldwide were glad to trade in order to support it and the maniacs who put their hands on EB#2 mostly wrote me that they liked it a lot! I don’t really count the wanker who is probably so vberkvlt that he has probably never seen the back side of WELCOME TO HELL and hence criticized the lines “IF THIS ZINE IS TORN, WARPED OR DEFACED IN ANY WAY, PLEASE THROW IT AWAY AND BUY A NEW ONE!”. Ignorance and lack of humour are not cool…

8. Which other editors are you in contact with and whose work got you really impessed, both graphycs-wise and content-wise of course?

I’m in contact with many editors of such cool zines as the German THRASH ATTACK, which is in my opinion a really killer zine, Putrefactive Eddect (Fra), Prayer Book (Ita), Grind the World (Rus), Hellthrashing (Chl), Rites of Zygadena (USA), Legion of Torture (Peru), Violent Moshground (Hol), Baphometal (AAAARRRGGGGHH Hentina), Iron Hammer (Ger), Hellpike (Ger) and more… I even know some Ukrainian zine called something like “F@@kin’ Thrashhell” or something like that, cool zine, haha!

I care about the graphycal aspect way less than about the written content, otherwise I would probably simply prefer comics, but without a doubt – MORBID TALES #6 (Can) is a masterpiece when it comes to design in my opinion! You can see it on every fvkken page! And the “Hellbent for cooking” thing is a genious idea – well done,  SATAnnick! Nagawika’s “Bestial Avenger” comics is also one of the coolest things I’ve seen, a real must see and funny as Hell!

As for written content – I recently scored a copy of ETERNAL FIRE#4 zine and even though I haven’t finished reading it yet – I must say that it’s really killer! But maybe I will have a 2nd to none favorite zine when I finally get a chance to buy the legendary SLAYER mag compilation that should be out in the future, I have a feeling that it gotta be something outstanding!

9. I know that you recently started a label. Tell more about it please. You’ve already unleashed the debut release (HANGMAN (ISR) – Anti-Disco Graphy 2002-2006). Why did you choose an old Israeli band? Why on tape? Why Thrash Metal?

Starting a distro was an inevitable decision for me, since I traded a lot with labels and got lots of spare CD’s and tapes, so I needed to start selling them, thus spreading mostly killer stuff among more Die Hard Maniaks and returning some money in order to print more copies of the zine/distribute them etc. Back then – Vecheslav  (ex-Tangorodrim & Frostgrave, now HELL DARKNESS) got tired of taking care of his ABSOLUTE HELL label and I bought his distro for an underground price, so I had a nice stock to start with for someone who distributed only 1 issue of a fanzine much. I also decided that it would be nice to release stuff I enjoy myself, so I decided to start a tape label and not just a mailorder.

One of the first supporters of Evil’s Best was Gil, a true Israhellbanger whom I’ve seen on gigs in the past but never got to know personally. We turned great friends since he had contacted me about the zine, and since he told me that he had thought about starting a tape label in the past, during some lazy Saturday noon conversation we decided to join forces and start the tape label together. A funny thing that this maniak actually got the money to pay for his part of our first release from recycling the huge pile of beer cans he had at his home!

Doing the Hangman tape was Gil’s idea and dream, and since we both knew their vokiller Yakir and used to support this band back when they were active – I agreed. Hangman is by no means an OLD band, they existed between 2002-2006, but in my (and Gil’s) opinion – they’re the best local Thrash band EVER (not that there have been many of them here over the years, haha!).

Why Thrash? Because that’s what Hangman used to play, as simple as that. It’s not that we wanted to limit ourselves only to this sub-genre. As long as it is good METAL – it’s fine with us. Why tapes? We can’t afford printing vinyl (it would be a dream come true to do it one day though) and there are enough CD’s labels already, so why not tapes? In my opinion – every die hard music lover must have a a turntable, a tape-deck and a cd-deck, otherwise he’ll miss a chance to hear some really killer stuff only bekorpse he doesn’t have the tool to play it, if it exists only in 1 format. Those who keep complaining that they can’t listen to something that doesn’t exist on CD format – your fvkkin’ loss! do it yourselves just like we did the tape if you want it as much as us, or just FVKK OFF!!! We both think that tape is the most natural format for demos! Personally I think that we gave Hangman’s ANTI-DISCO GRAPHY the respectful treatment that a compilation deserves, while keeping the demo rawness there. Does it need more than that?…

10. I also know that you’re a big fan and a collectioner of all that’s connected with the cult HELLHAMMER. Is that your favorite band? I’d also like to know more about the destination of Hellmentor.

I’m definitely not a “collector”, since I’m not into wasting money on more than 1 version of the same release and I try to get rid of as much stuff as I can usually, in order to keep only the stuff I really like and not things that might look cool lying upon a shelf, while only collecting dust. (It’s still MUSIC! FVKK FETISHISTS!). Same goes for Hellhammer – I would never waste a fortune just in order to support some pervert bootlegger who decided to print shitty p@#n pictures on a HELLHAMMER record’s sleeve! They aren’t my favorite band, Iron Maiden are, but Hellhammer IS most probably my favorite extreme Metal band and one of the very few that got me as amazed wen I heard them as when I discovered Maiden. There’s some kind of magic in their raw, unbalanced chainsaw-like roarring bass sound in TRIUMPH OF DEATH and DEATH FIEND that got me addicted since the first listen. I like Satanic Rites and Apocalyptic Raids and early Celtic Frost as well though (and Warhammer and Apokalyptic raids rule too!!!).

Hellmentor was the only thing I could thing of doing in musical terms back when I got exposed to Hellhammer’s sound. I thought to myself “If I ever play something, it will be something in the vein of Hellhammer!”. I was aware of my ability to write lyrics already back then, which is a very important thing in music for me, but only later I bought some crappy bass and started to try to play. I still don’t succeeed to do it though, haha!

I started to write lyrics for this project intentionally back in 2004 and later some bass riffs as well, but only in late 2008 Alex/Morbid Tendency (killer local one-man Death Metal project) joined as guitar player and since he’s a (too) great musician (the total opposite of me) – we had 5 songs ready to be recorded within a couple of months, but for reasons I don’t want to share witht he readers – I decided to go on alone and start everything form the very beginning. I admit it was all my fault, but I’d better burry Hellmentor alive than let it turn into something I don’t want it to be.

As for now – Hellmentor is only my distorted bass, my throat and drums that some friend of mine programms for me. I don’t like to promote something that is not done yet, but if everything goes according to plan – I’ll raid the studio in order to record the debut demo “The Fiend of Death Triumphs Again” in February. Expect primitive as Hell sonic desecrations in the vein of Hellhammer meets Rademassaker! AAAAARRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!

11. Let’s go back to the fanzine topic now. What interview do you consider the most important to this day and is there a band you’re dreaming to conversate with on the page of EVIL’S BEST? Have you happened to deal with stupid companions, or on the opposite – way too smart ones?

So far I gave up the idea of publishing 2 interviews I’ve done, but I’m not going to share the bands’ names with the readers, sorry. I’ll just say that one of them is a compilation of “too smart” answers that came out so annoying that I still can’t gather my forces and read that interview from the beginning to the end. It sucks and I excluded it, though maybe one day I’ll do a new one witht he same person and publish it, I’ll see…

As for stupidity – I happened to receive answers that were fully written in capital letters, but fortunately I found a way to fix this thing, so no big deal. It’s a hard work to edit interviews with people who seem to have studied English from Sarco’fago’s INRI lyrics, but as long as I like their music – I’ll do my best(ial) to turn their answers readable.

I’m very pleased and with all the stuff I’ve published so far, but the 2 most important interviews I’ve done so far are in my opinion the GOLGOLOT one (since it was the first experience of doing an interview) and APOKALYPTIC RAIDS, which is one of my favorite bands ever and surprisingly – almost 2 years later, that interview is still not outdated! (Unfortunately the fresh plans published there haven’t turned into reality yet, that’s the reason why). A band I would die happy if I had the chance to interview is IRON MAIDEN for sure!

12. To be honest – I gotta admit that I don’t know almost any Israeli bands. I heard some Salem and Orphaned Land and that’s it probably. Are there any worthy bands there at all? How is the local scene and how is Metal getting developed in Israel?

You haven’t missed too much, but there are some worthy bands. Tangorodrim, Frostgrave, Hell Darkness, Hangman, Morbid Tendency, Strident, Dark Serpent, Beerage, Switchblade, Golgolot… There’s also a compilation LP form 1992 called “Unholy Bands from the Holy Land”, which is almost the only proof of existence of some really killer Detah Metal bands that used to exist here back in the early 90’s, such as Cerebral Coma, Scaffold and the totally sick grind band People, who got even signed to Relapse back then. stay tuned to ISRAHELLBANGER’s pdates and hopefully in the near future you’ll discover something that NO ONE expected to discover in 2010!

Nowadays it’s at least 90% crap. Poser kiddies that sound professional yet completely soulless and sterile, playing gay posercore. But fortunately many of them stop doing it when they go to the army and simply leave Metal, even though they’ve never been into it for real, haha!

13. You live in a very unsafe part of the planet, surrounded by countries that hate your country. Literally the hirstory of Israel is a story of neverending conflicts and terror. What can you say about it all, and how does it feel to live in Israel for you?

That’s true, but I don’t think that there are any completely safe places on Earth nowadays, especially because Europe is getting flooded with Islam as we speak. Just a couple of months ago there was an act of terror in Melitopol/Ukraine, the city I was born in, so what the fvkk?… Let me also remind you the theatre in Moscow that was under seige, the act of terror in the UK and ov korpse September the 11, 2001! It’s not a safe place here and it would be nice to see some changes here in the future, but I’m sure that the media tries to present this country in a way shittier form than it really is, and as long as I live here – I don’t feel like complaining. Let’s say that unfortunately the only news I get from Ukraine about people I used to know are usually very grim, so I don’t think that I would feel better living in Ukraine if I didn’t move to Israel… The fact that that I’m a caveman that is so disconencted form the news that I usually hear about things that happen in Israel from people abroad also helps me face the local reality, haha!
14. Please describe the equipment you use in order to listen to music. I know that you’re a big vinyl collector. Do you have any rarities that are especially important for you?

My equipment is actually very simple and inexpensive, but it’s not that I really need mega-expensive audiophile equipment in order to listen to evil Metal, do I? I have an old Kenwood tape deck, a Sony CD deck, a Sony receiver from the late 70’s, an average Technics turntable that I will probably upgrade to a better one and ancient, BIG Sansui speakers that were made in 1970! Let’s say that while stupid people spend insane prices in order to ahve a “1st edition” crappy cd and listen to it through some plastic PC-speakers, I get the ancient Metal listenning feeling with this equipment for real, and it sounds great for sure!

As I said before – collectioning just for the sake of it makes me sick, but yes – vinyl s my priority. Still – if a good demo exists even only on cd-r – I won’t boycott it just because it doesn’t have a nice looking insert or it’s not carved in vinyl. I do have some cool “die hard” editions of some album, but that’s only because I like the music, not just because they’re rare/kvlt/ltd. 13. Probably the arest thing in my collection is Anal Vomit / From Peruvian Hell 7″, limited to 300 copies and handnumbered. My number is #1 / 300.

14. What ispires you during the process of Evil’s Best’s creation except for music?

MONEY!!!! Kidding… Seriously – it’s mostly the good responses I get from the readers about it. I think that without the bunch of bangers who supported the idea of this fanzine since the debut issue there might be no Evil’s Best#2 and probably no ISRAHELLBANGER RECORDS. Sometimes it’s alkohell as well, but I won’t lie and say that I’m too much into it.

16. What band’s stuff are you planning to release on ISRAHELLBANGER RECORDS next?

DTP002 will be a 4-track EP of the US Black Metal band DAWN OF WOLVES, called “Darkness as Black as Evil”. It was released in a ridiculously stupid quantity of only 50 tapes so far (with only 3 tracks), but we’ll include a new song there and definitely make more copies. Expect some really unique Black Metal there!

DTP003 will be a never released before demo of an Israeli band called BESTIAL DEATH, which was recorded back in 1986! Expect something that makes MORBID VISIONS sound like ARISE! Both of these tapes will see the darkness of night somewhere in 2010, we’ll do our best to unleash them both as fast as we can!

17. How do you contact the bands? Do you make the interviews only through mail, or have you recorded any live interviews with a dictophone during gigs?

By the way, how are the infernal live shows in Israel these days? Who were the last true Metal troops from abroad you’ve seen live?

I prefer to make my interviews through e-mail and not live, because it gives the bands more time to think about what to answer, so in my opinion – the result is better than a live interview. It’s also better than snail-mail interviews in my opinion, because even though I don’t get a hand-written letter (which is always a pleasure to read) – e-mails don’t get lost, have readable fonts and overall they’re more comfortable to work with. They save money, misunderstandings, they’re faster and usually the result is also nicer to read. I’ve made an interview through telephone with Alex/Morbid Tendency and there’s another recorded interview I haven’t published yet and not sure whether I’ll do it in the future.

As for live gigs – the better bands here are mostly split up since years (Hangman for example) or don’t play live (Tangorodrim/Hell Darkness/Morbid Tencdency), so there are only a few local bands that I go to their gigs here. There is an evergrowing number of bands that come here from abroad, but since these bands simply suck in my opinion – the last foreign band’s gigs I attended was Dismember in August 2006. As for faggotcore bands’ gigs – there are tons of them and many posers go to see them, but true fvkkin’ METAL gigs are scarce here.

18. I know that you’re not a big fan of pure BLACK METAL, especially not NSBM. Of course it’s a “slippery” question and the reason for the second part is obvious, but why don’t you like the rest of BM? In the last issue of Evil’s Best you interviewed Darkthrone – one of the once most important bands of the genre. After many years of corpsepaint and impurity, these guys moved to MetalPunk/Rock N’ Roll and started to answer interviews. Your comments about it?

Yes, It’s crystal clear why I don’t like National Socialistic Bullshit Music, haha! As for the rest of BM – I like the 1st wave (Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer/Frost, Sarco’fago, early Sodom & Destruction and such) and the rest of later Black/Thrash, be it Gehennah, Nocturnal Breed or Toxic Holocaust. I don’t like the 2nd wave (and surely not the later) stuff that was created in Norgay, except for Immortal probably. Every band there took

this music to a different direction and the music and the attitude got futher and further from what this stuff used to be. Personaly I don’t hear enough violence in the music of Emperor, you know what I mean. The “musicians” themselves get me disgusted as well, be it the clown Kanwulf/Nargayroth, the hypocrite backstabber Vikernes or the Gaygoroth fagg and their conflict about rights for the band’s name. How METAL is it to kill a friend because of financial misunderstandings or even to sue him? I’m not a fan of the majority of a genre that is a one big parody of itself… I do like some bands like Immortal, Tangorodrim and Frot Beast though.

Darkthrone for me is only the debut and their last 3 albums, I couldn’t care less about their Panda-Paint BM period. Fenriz claims that he stopped answering interviews because he got tired of f@@ked up phone-interviews and then started to answer interviews again because there were too many rumors about Darkthrone. I think that it’s great that he answers interviews again, he’s a nice and down to Earth man, he has a great sense of humor and he’s a great source of killer musical recommendations. The fact that people took BM-era Darkthrone too seriously is their own problem. It’s not that they play commercial pop for money-making these days and it’s not that there wasn’t any primitive Punkish vibe in their BM stuff. So what’s wrong with them playing just what they feel nowadays? would it really be better if they kept making compulsory music they’re not into?

19. You’ve mentioned Alcohol here earlier. I tend to ask every band the same question about their alcoholic priorities. What does the EVIL’S BEST editor prefer for the maintenance of high spirit? Mexicans have Tequila, Russians have Vodka, Germans have Schnapps, Cubans have Rum etc. Is there anynational green serpent in Israel?

I usually drink either beer or vodka, though I like wine too. My favorite beer is Miller, but when it comes to vodka – the cheaper=the better for me. If I cross the limit by mistake, it sucks to vomit something I paid too much for, haha! And no, I’m not aware of any special local alcoholic drinks.

20. Please tell some funny story that happened to you while being drunk. Have you done any interviews with bands while not being sober? :)))


Does losing the ability to breath after having drank some vodka and then passing all that goddamn vodka out through my nose count? Or maybe vomiting

inside a white Mercedes taxi? 🙂

And no, I haven’t interviewed anyone while being drunk, maybe I’ll do it in the future though.

21. What are your assosiacions concerning the following?

a. Jordan? Never really cared about that cunt-ry…

b. Bathory? The early stuff rules supreme! THIS was Black Metal! Hope Quorthon found a good place in Valhalla!

c. Worldwide crisis? A terrible thing for sure, but the US people found a way to solve this problem already – they voted for a black muslim leader, haha!!!

d. Transvestites? Disgusting creatures. It’s still a mistery to me why instead of trying harder to solve such problems of starvation – some scientists decided to put their effort in finding a way to convert fags into pseudo-females… Was it really worth it? Aren’t fags disgusting enough without having tits? And I’m definitely NOT proud of the fact that one of them took the first place when IT presented Israel in gayrovision!

e. Italian Horror movies? I think I never watched any, but it might change one day. I’m not a fan of horror stuff in general though. But I do like Adriano Chelentano’s comedies and I’m a big fan of Sergio Leone’s movies!

22. Thanks for your extensive answers my friend! We’ve come to the end of our conversation. What would you like to say for the end? Maybe I forgot to

ask you about something you’d like to tell? Good luck with your infernal zine EVIL’S BEST and ISRAHELLBANGER RECORDS label!

Oh no, thank YOU for giving me the opportunity to answer this interview, I had great time answering it and I like your questions a lot! Good luck with your unholy activities as well, keep the flame of TRUE FVKKIN’ METAL WITH BALLZ OV STEEL burning! Thanks to all those who support underground Metal, you’re the (evil’s) best! Long live the loud! Up the Irons! And remember – only death is real…

Feel free to contact me the way your prefer, my addresses are:


                Sergei Pismeny
Yoseftal 10/30
Kiryat-Motzkin 26390

D.O.A. magazine issue #2
MIDNIGHT PRIEST Rainha da magia negra
CALVARIUM Assaulting The Divine

Interview With Cruel Force



HELLA!!!Hmm…CRUEL FORCE! THIS IS BESTIAL NAME. I’D like to know about band roots? Ok, I wait evil presentation your band in my pages!

Hailz! Cruel Force was founded in 2008 some drunken day. First we played coversongs of Motörhead, Sodom, Violent Force, Venom, Bathory… then we wrothe the first riffs together and knew that we have to form a “real” band.

 When you did the interview last? That this was for publishing? And liked you questions?

The last interview was for “Beneathe the Tree” Fanzine from my good comerade Andrê a week ago. It will be printed in the beginning of next year.

 That will say about your record “Into the crypts…“? What reviews get on its product from people from metal underground?

We only get good reviews from the worldwide underground.

 You afar its material on cassette and CD. Enter the offers about issue of the vinyl plate. What format prefer themselves?

Yeah you’re right. Demo was released on CD and tape. Our upcoming full length album will be on vinyl. Lim 500 and cd. We all prefer vinyl. This is the best medium ever!

 You Know work IRON BONEHEAD Records and NECROMANCER Records, Work what badge can note? On what company to should like to publish record CRUEL FORCE?

Heavy Forces Records will release “The Rise of Satanic Might” on vinyl. We know Iron Bonehead and Necromancer records. Patrick is a cool guy!

 I see you espouse the old principles. Why you have chose exactly such way for CRUEL FORCE?

This is our way of lifestyle. We didnt choose anything. This is how we are!
 CRUEL FORCE names from their own influences of such gang as HELLHAMMER / BATHORY / MANOWAR / IRON MAIDEN… I understand this list does not concern the modern groups or I mistaken?

Yes, wer are influenced from all the stuff from the 70’s, 80’s 90’s. From Black Sabbath to Hellhammer. These are our heroes we worship everyday. There are good bands today like Hellish Crossfire, Witching Hour, Old… But we are inspired from the ancient ones!

 On “Into the crypts…” you have performed the classical number “Metal inquisition”(PELIDRIVER). Why choice exactly on them…

Because we are the metal inquisition!

 Much good compositions have presented us past. What tracks you love to perform else?

I think you mean coversongs from other bands? I would like to have an Iron Maiden coverband haha

What sense you put in slogan F@@K THE WORLD! HAIL AND KILL! . Your comments…

This is just a slogan of Joey DeMaio….

 What gangs can name own comrade in arms and close on spirit to CRUEL FORCE…?

Witching Hour, Hellish Crossfire, Nocturnal (ger), Old, No Empathy…

 As you pertain to renaissance infernal THRASH METAL in different parts of the world. South Asia, Australia, South America and Atlantic bring much good names. Your opinion on this cause.

I think there are many old Thrash bands from the 80’s who reunited and so there are many new people who came in contact with thrash metal. So many people listen to thrash metal now and found there own thrash bands.

As you pertain to good alcohol? You drink before their own concerts? Problem gets in Germany true Russian vodka?

I am mostly drunk on stage. We all drink alcohol often. There are no problems with vodka. We mix it with orange juice.

 The Warriors from BESTIAL MOCKERY use on their own rehearsal cocktail from whisky and strong beer. You did not try to write in such condition?

No we didnt. We drink all mixed up haha. whiskey, wine, beer..

 How much persons usually comes on your live attack? Tell me about your gigs? There is beside you rooters amongst retiree and as they stake out your appearance?

I think every concert is full of maniacs. We shared the stages with Portrait (swe), Enforcer (swe), Hellish Crossfire, No Empathy, Warhammer….

 As you will describe the present-day scene to Germany? That you are aware of Ukraine and our scene?

The present day scene is very big. But there are too many false gay motherf@@ker people. Just waering some high tops and thight jeans, download all their music. Just looking cool. F@@k Off!


North Corean Kim Jong motherf@@ker!!!!!

Ok,thanx for view and LAST WORDS FROM US…

Up the Irons,

Teutonic Slaughter

Interview With Vexed
Interview With LUCERA
Interview With MORDANT
Interview With INSULTERS


The f@@kin flame of real metal will forever burn, until it engulfs the whole damn universe, destroying religions, politicians, and the ones who follow the path of false. F@@k their prophets and f@@k their faith. The fight is just starting! And victory can belong only to us!  Anybody trying to stop us will always be ass-kicked in the worst possible way! (BESTIAL REVILER)

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Interview With VINDICATOR By Alexumer

Приветствую вас, какие новости у вас? Как идёт раскрутка нового диска? Какие отзывы поступают от людей?

1) Приветствуем тебя! Все идёт хорошо, мы готовимся, а наше путешествие Ruination tour по всей стране совместно с METAL WITCH, которое подготовили нам SLANEY Records.Это турне стартует летом на открытие десятого по счёту Thrasho de Mayo фестивале, который открывает первое появление EXUMER после их соединения здесь в штатах. Мы были в восторге, и чрезвычайно возбуждены узнав об этом! Наша новая пластинка” Will Be Blood “распространяется неуклонно быстро. Мы получаем отзывы со всей планеты и, в свою очередь, распространение диска компенсировалось сполна многими хорошими рецензиями, комплиментами, и дополнением в нашу армию множества новых фанатов.

2. Почему вашим выбором стал THRASH METAL старого воспитания? Что думаете, о подъёме движения и не грозит ли этому мода? Вас надолго зацепило этим ветром?

2) Я думаю, мы все выбрали THRASH METAL, прежде всего, поскольку мы – все огромные поклонники данного жанра. Мы любим весь достойный металл и музыкальные проявления в общих чертах, но для нас THRASH METAL всегда будет первоочередным, если мы что-то сочиняем и играем. Есть много вещей, которые начинают портить жанр прямо сейчас, но мы счастливы тем, что играем тот THRASH METAL. Который необходим и находимся вне модных тенденций.

3)Я видел рекламу о вашем совместном концерте вместе с OVERKILL… Как прошло мероприятие и как отзывались о вас старики? Что еще говорят о новой волне THRASH METAL опытные мастера вроде ANTHRAX / TESTAMENT / EXODUS и других?

3)Игра с OVERKILL была забавной. Это грандиозно играть с полосой, которая повлияла на тебя. Я не уверен, что OVERKILL что-то думают там о нас. Бобби (Blitz) реальный парень и думаю, ему понравились бы мы (он не видел наш сет, потому как находился в автобусе). Что касается возвращения старой школы и возрождения жанра, то я не уверен, что это всем нравится. Я услышал как-то разговор Dave Mustaine внизу за кулисами о детях, носящих жилетки, обтягивающие брюки и топики. Я догадываюсь, что некоторые из них возмущаются по поводу с текущим подъёмом стиля THRASH METAL, a некоторые из них, вероятно, думают что это – наилучшая вещь, что случилось в музыке в последнее время.

4) Вам хотелось бы побывать в том времени, когда зарождалось движение и делить сцену с теми, кто имеет сейчас за плечами солидный стаж?

4) Я должен был быть вместе на сцене с MEGADETH тогда или теперь!

5)MEGADETH сейчас совсем не те, что были в 80-90-х годах. Думаю «многие со мной согласятся, что такие шедевры как Rust in Peace останутся недосягаемыми самими MEGADETH. ТВОИ комментарий?

5)Я – поклонник MEGADETH Я не стыжусь, чтобы говорить, что люблю все их выпуски (даже такой попсовый как “RISK”). Это – истинна что они не выпускают вещи подобные Rust in Peасе, иначе эта вещь не была бы так хороша как есть! Другого Rust in Peace более не будет! Я думаю, что MEGADETH делали всегда музыкальные эксперименты, и что Дэйв к настоящему времени ведёт свою группу в лучшем направлении, чем был MEGADETH в течение последних лет (в отличие от тех же Metallica).

6)VINDICATOR – что означает это название для вас, кто автор идеи имени и как планировали назвать банду еще, если были варианты кроме VINDICATOR?

6). Marshall Внёс предложение назваться VINDICATOR как- то ночью когда мы висели у него в доме. Jesse, Я, и Wayne, вообще всем понравилось это. Я думал назваться ещё CONUDRUM или THRASH HAMMER ,06а названия были в списке возможных имен

7)На вашем демо есть песня VENOM. Мы очень хорошо исполнили ее. Почему она не вошла на диск?
7) Да, пробное демо включает песню VENOM -“Bloodlust”. Мы действительно не сыграли эту песню на компакте, как мы любим, изменять песни на CD, которые мы играем, довольно часто Но несколько главных и решающих факторов не позволили увидеть трек на “Will Be Blood” Основной причиной стали время и деньги У нас был реально фиксированный бюджет для альбома, поэтому не было возможности предоставить должный гонорар за студию, чтобы поместить песню в наш альбом Жаль. Из-за недостатка фондов, мы должны были играть и записывать в студии оптимальные вещи Ежечасный счет студии добавляется быстро и это дорого для подземной банды вроде нас.

8) Ваша весёлая импровизация голосами вместо инструментов сделана ради шутки?

8) Нам нравиться вспоминать ту забаву Мы назвали эту дорожку “Mouthdicator” Случилось это, когда мы делали микширование микрофонных чеков прежде, чем мы начали с наложения партий барабана. Jesse и я решил играть нашу песню “Thrash and Destroy” с использованием наших ртов как инструментов Наш инженер умирал от смеха. Каждый в тот момент думал, что был классиком, так что мы обозначили записанное как типа – “это хорошая идея для секретной песни”

9) Наверное, это сочинили от большого количества выпитого пива?

9) Я должен согласиться с тобой, что при нормальных обстоятельствах много пива должно сыграть роль при создании, что-то такого же глупого как “Mouthdicator” Но, мы были сто процентов трезвые, когда делали это. Было невыносимо жарко в тот день на студии Может быть, тепло сыграло решающую роль в нашем бреде?

10) Какой вид алкоголя вам более импонирует? Какое пиво лучше для вас американское или европейское?

10). Я пью все, что наливают. Мы все обычно предпочитаем пиво. Я наслаждаюсь также крепким ромом Я не знаю, вариться ли у нас европейское пиво, но его здесь продают. Поэтому не могу судить о происхождении такого пи ва здесь в США. Даже если бы я сравнивал, то. Guinness в Ирландии такое же, как Guinness в Америке. Я предпочитаю всё пиво. Пиво все хорошее

11) Ваша обложка в духе пластинок 80*х? Что вы хотели сказать данным изображением?

11) У нас был другой дизайн для конверта “Will be Blood” Оригинальное изображение было создано Haiseycaust, она делает почти все картины для TOXIC HOLOCAUST.Но мы не получили это вовремя, чтобы уложиться в последний срок для выпуска альбома. Так, мы сымпровизировали. Мы любим то, что мы находим в этом рисунке. Это определяет точно то, что мы собирались сказать диском.

12)Кстати, как там насчёт виниловой версии диска? Хотите выпустить пластинку VINDICATOR?

12).К настоящему времени “Will be Blood” только в формате CD. В конечном счете, мы хотели бы иметь что-то на виниле.

13) Какой вид THRASH METAL для вас более интересен? Ваши кумиры, что слушали в детстве?

13). Я люблю большинство разновидностей THRASH METAL BLACK / DEATH / PROG / POWER и другие приставки различной формы, мне импонируют безусловно. Сначала первой группой из трэша, что я узнал, стали MEGADETH. Я купил “Cryptic writigs” и остальные диски для истории. Таким образом, я начал собирать полные дискографии групп. Wayne был старше всех нас и отправил меня в путь THRASH МЕТАL, где я многое узнал. Он познакомил меня с великими SLAYER / EXODUS / ANMHILATOR и ANTHRAX (Конечно я был знаком ещё с музыкой METALLICA). Затем он показал мне много других героев прошлого, подобно LAAZ ROCKTT / MORTAL SIN / FORBIDDEN и др. Я хотел узнать все больше и больше о жанре. И я это делал.THRASH -мой любимый под-жанр металла.

14)Ты назвал в основном штатовские банды. А, что насчет THRASH METAL героев из других стран мира?

14) Я должен сгорать от стыда, если не сказал тебе о DESTRUCTION – Немного забытый всеми “Cracked Brain” сыграл огромную роль в моем образовании. KREATOR, LIVING DEATH, DARKNESS, SABBAT-Есть так много групп со всего мира и Америки, что для меня они все одинаковы и спасибо им за влияния на нас. Если это THRASH, то это все вероятно повлияло на то, что мы сделали.

15) Вы смотрели фильм ПУТЕШЕСТВИЕ МЕТАЛЛИСТА? Какой концерт считаете лучшим на видео и какой клип ? Увидим ли мы клип VINDICATOR?

15). Я не видел этот фильм пока. Это очевидно мне нужно сделать, все – же! Думаю, есть несколько клипов VINDICATOR на YouTube. Это лучшее на данный момент.

16)Я видел ваш мерчендайз раздел. У вас есть всё для продвижения Открытки, зиачки, шевроны, футболки.. Встречаете уже людей у себя в городе одетых в одежду с логотипом VINDICATOR?

16) Jesse знает и может показать, где дети носят рубашки VINDICATOR. OH знает разные злачные места, ха! Мы видели наши футболки на участниках DIAMOND PLATE и EXMORTUS. Это -отличное чувство, когда видишь людей, носящих наш атрибут.

17) Байка об американцах… Правда, что американцы носят одежду лицевой стороной, а когда она пачкается, то её выворачивают?

17). Я не знал об этом. Наверное, для нас, её проветрили в других странах. Многие смеются над нами, зато я не курю! Ха-ха!

18)Какая байка у американцев есть про русских, украинцев и о бывшем СССР?

18) Я не уверен, что смогу ответить на этот вопрос… Я могу быть арестован каким-нибудь секретным государственным агентством и воздержусь. Ха-ха.

19) Довольны ли вы своим новым президентом. Ведь он сын кенийского пастуха. Или политика для вас полное дерьмо?

19). У меня нет проблемы с нашим новым Президентом. Я просто надеюсь, что он сможет действительно делать то, что обещает.

20 Что скажите читателям моего журнала?

20) Продолжайте читать работу Alexumer’a! Он помогает обществу металла развиваться! Держите ваши глаза открытыми для нашего нового Сплит-альбома. ТНКАSН and DESTROY! Палки, камни, и черепа – VINDICATOR & Vic Stown

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Interview With Mike (GRAVEHILL (USA) By Alexumer

FT: Приветствую GRAVEHILL? Что поведаешь о новом альбоме я как прошел, последний концерт с WATAIN? Как вы смотрелись на сцене вместе с этим шведским проклятием?

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