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ZOMBIESLUT “Braineater” promo-CD 2010 (GERMANY)

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HELLHOUND demo-CD 2010 (USA)
Program of plate: Circle of trust / As the needle drips / The bleeding edge / Killing spree in 2010

If you dig on various archaeological excavations, it is precisely this HELLHOUND can be considered one of the oldest formations of metal from the USA. Judge for yourself, they were formed in 1981 and behind them there are only a few demos. Then there was a long break and a series of shifts in the composition. Now they have returned with a relatively fresh material in the spirit of HEAVY / SPEED Metal with a slight touch of the POWER Metal dust. It will be interesting to those who love the sound of it, which we gave in the mid-80s: JUDAS PRIEST / SANCTUARY / MEGADETH etc. This is the old and ringing metal, which we listened to on vinyl records and copied to tape to share music with friends. HELLHOUND after that amount of time required to simply produce full-length album, without any delay whatsoever … The Old Guard metal fans waiting! / hellhoundusa

MASTER “The Human machine” 2010 CD/LP

Paul Speckman key figure in the world of DEATH METAL and this is true! After moving to the Czech Republic from his native Illinois, he moved back the entire luggage and the ability to play hard DEATHRASH METAL. After continued his career in KRABATHOR, with whom he passed the two albums and even worked for MARTYR. No every schoolboy knows the truth that the main group for Paul was and is the MASTER. This brainchild, he devoted all his talent and songs for most of his musical life. The new album is just a great gift for all fans of classic DEATH METAL MASTER with its typical for a hurricane onslaught! Disconnects and destroys the very first minutes of his rumbling sound. The album is fairly flat and unsustainably high, due to strong interaction between the rhythm sections with bass, cementing himself maestro Speckman! Listening to the album MASTER, nods his head. I just Paul’s beard made ??of iron) and it is too early to drop out of talented head of the founder of DEATH METAL. CD released Pulverized records, and vinyl record with different artwork Doomentia records. KILL!

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KILLING FIELDS Extermination by human

Recently I began to receive many the correspondences from Asia. Possibly, metal again gathering the force from those edges became fault to it. There are many new groups and fanzines. It is necessary to notice that the majority of them supports old traditions and it inexpressibly enjoy. KILLING FIELDS from the familiar all tourist country Thailand. In this structure have united the efforts three friends connected by the general interest to OLD SPEED / THRASH METAL. Of course it not revolution in world THRASH METAL of culture, but it is necessary to give due and to understand where there is Thailand and what efforts it is necessary to struggle for ideas of metal. In KILLING FIELDS I have distinctly heard a sound of freedom and self-expression without any beautiful moments. This a dry and metal sound on a manner similar to groups of the past. The disk written down and published by own efforts extends exclusively through musicians. Support the Thai Underground.

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TRAZOM A reclamation of power

Excellent sounds have come to us from native land THRASH METAL. I is glad to acquaintance to such remarkable band as TRAZOM. I hasten to inform that these guys are perfectly familiar with creativity MEGADETH / DARK ANGEL for example. But it was not a blind copy, and an original find. They synthesized the THRASH METAL sounding with weight of techniques and elements NWOBHM. This is has reminded me an alloy of such collectives as CORONER / FLOTSAM AND JETSAM / MEGADETH and IRON MAIDEN / JUDAS PRIEST. This good mix for the description of music of new collective. One my companion as that has characterized a similar direction rather intelligent-clever THRASH METAL. Well such and it would be desirable to apply to a newly made demo of Americans from TRAZOM. Twisted and a progressive step in THRASH METAL!

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DESTRUTOR Coercao profane

What to tell, when once again you meet a command from Brazil? It is natural that in most cases we are waited by acquaintance to new band preaching rectilinear and severe THRASH METAL old style. DESTRUTOR left on a track war to be at war with a dirty and fragmentary sound against commercial bums in metal! Only alcoholic euphoria and a roar in a direction of old records ASSASSIN / IRON ANGEL / DESTRUCTION / SEPULTURA / DARK ANGEL … Fine execution for those who carries jeans vests over leather jackets. My forecasts will be such that is fast commands from Brazil, will be as much as their football players worldwide, ha-ha-ha-ha! DESTRUTOR play Brazilian THRASH METAL and only on Portuguese. Furiously to twirl and twisted by a head!

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QUO VADIS Infernal Chaos

Польские бородатые мужики от TRUE THRASH METAL. Они начинали играть в то время, когда фанжурналы были рукописными, а ксерокс был единственной типографией для них (Hail KRUGER bro!),когда кассеты присылали в письмах (Hail Demo tape recording!), а фестивали имели название “Страшидло” и “Металмания” (Hail Polish DIE HARD Maniacs!). Теперь представьте, какого они возраста, ха-ха! Да, зато в музыке этих ветеранов ничего не поменялось. Здесь олдовая дисциплина, тяжёлые и плотные звуковые стены и только THRASH METAL. Таким встречает нас восьмой альбом QUO VADIS. Альбом – энергетик, который заряжает потрясающей эмоциональностью. Powerful and Crush! Можно бесконечно долго спорить об актуальности данного жанра для андеграунда, но скажу одно – он выстоял в период повального блэкового засилия, он выстоял в готическую пору, он будет жить и сейчас (не пойми какое время), пока есть подобные QUO VADIS солдаты THRASH METAL! Всячески тащим и респектируем стиль!
Спасибо, отдельным заказом, Крюгеру и его METAL SCRAP конторе за выпуск данного продукта.

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CRYPTIC Infinite Torment

Metal Scrap Records продолжает поставлять для нас передовые команды из Польши. Очередное знакомство c представителями кровожадного клана DEATH METAL. Надо отметить, что команды с подобным названием есть почти в каждой стране, но зато такой историе, как у поляков, можно позавидовать. За десять лет существования, в активе всего одна демо-лента и один альбом! Вот это преданность андеграунду! Ладно, оставим эту ненужную статистику. Зато, каков здесь материал! Он выстоян временем, сродни благородному марочному алкоголю. Я провёл полчаса совсем нескучно и их DEATH METAL, скажу вам, – настоящий олдовый башкотряс! Подобное испытываешь, когда слушаешь первые пластинки MORBID ANGEL! Свирепо, Мощно, Бескомпромиссно, с приветом из 90-х, без всяких новомодных высрачек. К середине альбома появляются средние, по темпу игры, моменты , но их компенсирует начало и концовка диска. Эх! подожду ещё лет десять!)))
Совсем недавно CRYPTIC, в одной упряжке с QUO VADIS, бомбили Украину, и я искренне сожалею, что не попал на эти шоу. Уверен, там было настоящее DEATH METAL пекло!

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TORTURER Wind From The Darkwood

One more widespread name in underground metal. More recently overdried a latest album of veterans DEATH METAL from Chile. And again familiar name. This time we deal with representatives from the north-east of Ukraine. It is debut work of group of Lugansk, large industrial centre, such as we will tell Essen in Germany. HAIL SODOM, ha-ha! The severe megacity has brought into the world this association of black minds having already experience of game in such groups as, for example UNGOLIANTHA. With the help of local badge VACULA Prod. Release of this tormenting has taken place I smother DEATH / BLACK METAL an opus. Despite all dampness of sounding and carelessly programmed shock, quite good pieces here come across. The passages executed on the average rate especially are worthy. This main weapon TORTURER .If you much to wish a gang to find on following release other decisions in the plan a section rhythm for now we consider them DEATH / BLACK METAL the attacking plan, as the firm card. Before the Storm! 8 / 13

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Italy attacks! At last I have again heard qualitative sounds from those places united by one habitat. All gangs from one area and sincerely hang together. Besides the given collection is dated memories local heroes of metal from gang MONOLITH (F@#king Heavy Cult!) .Open this disk AXEVYPER. They play for music’s tightened in a skin and striped stockings, sample TRUE HEAVY METAL on a manner similar on classical IRON MAIDEN. Bestial! As the following they act FALLEN F@#KING ANGELS with two compositions OLD SCHOOL HEAVY / SPEED METAL very sincerely and fervently execute the material. I will recommend this gang, all who respects creativity EXCITER / IRON ANGEL / TANK!!! Perfectly well! BELLISSIMO! Relay race pick up original TWILIGHT ZONE.I don’t know that in Italy live such qualitative HEAVY METAL steel wars! To me they were remembered rhythmical riffings and a unique vocal with a high range of a voice! MONOLITH – here act, the highlight of the program. As well as it is necessary to protagonists of day for, this release they have selected the two powerful compositions full of an expression and emotions. On heat I would compare them, to the best period of such gods as MANOWAR and KILLERS! Certainly at them notes similar with BON FIRE / MOTLEY CRUE come across, but tell who at that time did not sing about passionate fire in the opinion of blondes! Ha-ha! Excellent there was a legend! Well and for a dessert on it collections have allowed to be realized infernal to change in the name of SCAVENGER. They have decided to finish all in the end surgical DEATH METAL within the limits of old sounds. CARCASS? SCAVENGER! I was glad, listening to such music deprived of pathos and a commercial plan. Italians with all the heart! VIVA LA HEAVY MUSICA!
12 / 13

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HATE BEAST Blade swings down

HATE BEAST from the USA yet has no history. All information on them is ciphered in this message consisting of five compositions rough BAY AREA THRASH METAL with greater influence HEAVY METAL and even by impregnations ANGRY / HARDCORE. Slow and heavy structures of compositions from the first chords start to press the rigid sound. I think, the following release, will be indicative, in what role the gang will operate further. Now the gang shows good sounds for admirers of old material METALLICA / ANTHRAX / PANTERA. Yes, it is possible to argue on originality and quality of sounding, but all lacks are compensated by musicians the desire to work for metal. Sincere Belief! ONLY METAL HATE!

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DEATHBOUND Non compos mentis

I sincerely miss on those far times when NAPALM DEATH did exclusive GRIND CORE without any impurity and commercial features. This Finnish group beginning as BRUTAL DEATH METAL a gang subsequently, was transformed in rectilinear GRIND CORE. New a disk by means of DYNAMIC ARTS Records means the new chapter in the history of this Finnish band. Besides this disk they put end to the fifteen-year experience on a scene. Such result. 14 sick numbers have fallen down our heads in classical GRIND CORE execution. POWERFULL!!! Sounding on the maximum speed and a threshing mode. The plate cover “Non compos mentis” has reminded me memoirs on early drawings CARCASS. I consider them at present as one of the heaviest groups in Finland along with DEMILICH and ROTTEN SOUND. Brutal and ruthless art from the country of thousand Lakes! Even after sounds in end of 14 compositions have abated, in a head noise DEATHBOUND all the same continues to manage! CRUSH!!! KILL!!! AND BROKEN BONES!!!

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