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ANTICHRIST metalzine issue #12 2012 (UKRAINE)

To begin with, that the number of Ukrainian underground metal veterans turned out quite dark and sharp-toothed. Based on the selection of bands, and there prevails in the fair amount of Black / thrash metal, the author is greatly influenced by this trend in recent years. All pages including advertising in the black. From within the design there are no changes. As in previous issues, this issue includes interviews, reviews and advertising. The only deviation here is a page that is dedicated to musicians who have left this world in the last year. (RIP) From the words of the editor copies is almost sold out in countries where English is understood, which is written magazine. It remains to add a review of this issue-WITCHCHRIST/PSEEDOGOD/NARGAROTH/MORBOSIDAD/NUNFUKRITUAL/PROCLAMATION/AFFLICTION GATE/HELLISH CROSSFIRE artists and others …BEWARE!

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D.O.A. magazine issue #2

How long have I not kept in the hands of publications deserve all support. With so can be safely attributed DOA magazine from USA. On Unlike their American counterparts in a paper in this journal creation is a lot of interesting moments. In first there are published materials about the commands old school metal spirit genres-HARKONIN / LIFELESS / NOMINON / SEVERE TORTURE / ANGREPP / IRON FIRE / DRUNKEN BASTARDS / CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY / BASTARD PRIEST etc. In second I liked the unconventional approach in this layout zine. Your will not find a standard logo and photos bands. All is replaced by different elements of Gothic paintings and prints matched to specific articles. Editor and author interviews David Horn (S.ounds O.f  D.eath Magazine) did their best light metal produced at 80 pages A4 with dense color cover and a bonus CD of xtreem music records. Wait continuation of this guide to the world of darkness … The cost of the magazine is suitable for all metalheads- 6, 66 US …

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