Well, here is and ended work on my second part. F@@king Sorry for long absence in airwaves and life’s of the underground cave. Much problems were crushed on my head, but power of the metal has don’t care scored a victory. Probably, beside each publisher like journal appear to difficulties. I little was disappointed in many musicians, as well as not get answer to my sending questions. However, are found and one, took offence on my absence and silence. Ha-ha! I have born the pause and shall now attack with the second number. Mega Sorry for my bad and broken English, simply me gravely to send to thoughts, on that language, which for me someone else, but I want to be heard everywhere. The Ground for that that I concerned with the translation become requests soldier metal with the whole world, where got my first number. Many spoke that this steeply lad, we see on registration and that group that you illuminate that this f@@king steep journal. But we want to understand your feeling, but excuse me for this it is necessary to teach the Russian language, Ha-ha.
Enormous thank you all one, create in me hope on creation of this number and group actively helped on these page. Inwardly we wait the fascinating journey in the world of the gloomy metal with inherent attribute. Repeat this publishing for persisting metallic people, without alternative f@@king shit. F@@k the fashion! F@@k the emo and core tendencies! Only Metal and faith! The truth and future on steel. This number I denote all that forgotten soldier of the metal, which created the persisting masterpieces in 80-h. They did the correct music. They created the history. I raise its goblet and call you to bias the heads before forgotten names of the publishers of the music and journal.
I think, this number took place. I wait your reactions on this. Hope, you understand that I want this say. But now I have tired and want to sleep. The Reviews much have deprived beside me power, but this was a beautiful minute, called on in captivity of your nerve-racking music. Sometimes I simply hate its laziness and inaction and then proceed with writing their own article for journal. I wanted to do the conversations with group so, as this did fanzines at the beginning initially 80-h years. This looks like Old school in music. Only here I wanted to show Old school in journalism. There is own expressions Beside miscellaneous folk and proverbs, which can understand only they. But here is Old school thrash/death/black metal, in my opinion, became the international notion, which use all die hard metalheads on this planet. I do not want to with this notion were associated commercial interests and mode. But sincerely expect the small revolution, which will force to revise the tastes of the young generation, create under influence of the music styles.

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