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TERMINATE-Illinois, in a hurry like all fans of dark DEATH METAL with their 2011 demo consisting of three songs … No there is not US death / grind trend, but this model is taken for the European School DEATH METAL. There is a smell of spirit PENTACLE / ASPHYX / ENTOMBED (Old) and you understand what I am hinting). Sorry about the gang, we know not a lot. Has specific information that some of the members shall serve in another band called DEADNIGHT from the same state. If they continue in this vein, I think this team will be great opportunities.

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FUNERAL WHORE Morbid intentions

Wow yeahhh, the country Holland. As it is much connected with it in respect of culture of metal. This country has presented what names to a world scene, I think, it is not necessary to list. Young change in the name of FUNERAL WHORE shows to us that yet the earth on new talents there has not become scanty. Change excellently honors creativity of pioneers of the country, such as ASPHYX / HEXX / DELIRIUM and, certainly, PENTACLE! Excellent guitar attacks, a violent bass guitar sound and driving in nails in your head drum-type parties. I think it and is well-known not growing excellent OLD SCHOOL DIE HARD DEATH METAL! The lyrics, as well as is necessary in this style, is twirled on turtles among gravestones. In general, without tightening with presentation, I direct you on searches of this new command of musical terrorists DEATH METAL. Very very continuation of traditions!

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EMBALMED SOULS The temple of bizarre cult

EMBALMED SOULS ”The temple of bizarre cult” MC 2005 (БРАЗИЛИЯ)
Программа ленты:
Dawn of agony
Battle against celestial slaves
Forget the commandments
Under the sign of resurrection
Revelations in the darkness

Вслед за VEXED мы имеем на руках МС с родины SARCOFAGO / SEXTRASH / SODOMIZER и RATOS DE PARAO.C присущим трепетом за дело Вельзевула они снабдили свою кассету письмом с кучей шестёрок, пентаклей и перевёрнутых крестов. А так на фото вроде взрослые мужики как минимум всем за тридцатник. По бокам подсвечники, посредине рогатая голова, какого то животного, но не козлиная. В общем всё традиционно примитивно и мрачно! На своей 5-ти песенной сессии они поддержали дух инфернального BLACKENED DEATHRASH METAL c присущей сыростью 80-х южноамериканским темпераментом. Как полагается весь стафф довольно ровен, без особых выкрутасов, соло- программ и модерна. В этом и вся затея- окунуть в плесень первобытного забоя их бурлящего бласхемиального чана! Опора на старый винил и безумие кривляющихся кумиров. Так издалека они навеяли разработки раннего ASPHYX/PESTILENCE и у них тот же сырой и тяжелейший риффинг, громоподобные ударные с взрывными бочками, рваное пение… DEATH METAL CARNAVAL TO BE CONTINUED!!!
EMBALMED SOULS:c/o Lerin(S.O.D.) Conj.”E” Casa 26Buriti II Planaltina-DF-73.350-165 BRASIL

INFEST Onward to destroy

! The Brothers of slavonic lands demonstrate the good knowledge of the high school DEATH METAL. They perform their own opuses with memorandum for get old school MORBID ANGEL / ASPHYX / CANCER / MASSACRA / UNLEASHED .In general, was got impaled work, without any fashionable trend. Such type DEATH METAL performed on border 91-92! Remarkable time for metal! In Serbia not very big scene, but all bands, which get from there, it is enough talented and interesting! Also presence black pair is noticed on this work from MAY RESULT (by GLAD) and SINISTER (by Aad).The Whole album is perceived on one breathing. Here, there is place aggressive melodics and powerful guitars solo, good striking attack and militant voice! Such DEATH METAL will not get dusty on tables! Steel and Death! 12/13


INFEST “Onward to destroy” CD 2009 (SERBIA)
1. Intro
2. Onward To Destroy
3. Screaming From Within
4. Slavery To No One
5. Krstu je Kraj
6. A Sickness Named Religion
7. Messiah of Blood
8. Back to the War
9. Christ Denial

NIHILO Nyktophobia


The Switzerland, which is glorified their own metallic tradition, has prepared for us new change DEATH METAL on behalf of NIHILO. This is a first working the gang, released with original registration in carton. Here is present atmosphere European DEATH METAL in old key of such gangs as ASPHYX/HYPOCRISY/CANCER. The Long guitars passages, made at the average rate and emotional singing the vocalist it is enough strong points beside NIHILO. The Compositions Deeping glorious by mystic mist. This adds the coloring for gang and transforms their DEATH METAL product. The Good beginning and visible potential NIHILO. The New hope DEATH METAL from Switzerland. 8/13

NIHILO “Nyktophobia” 2009 digi-MCD (SWITZERLAND)
Program of the plate:Intro/Meating/Faith lords of chaos/Pt.I:Luna/Pt.II:Sol/Once upon a time on a frozen lake