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ZOMBIESLUT “Braineater” promo-CD 2010 (GERMANY)

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INCINERATOR Moves to another existence

These belorussian lad greater admirers dead person and creative activity MORTICIAN/INFERIA/SUFFO/CANNIBALS. I hope, similar adherents are found and amongst you. The Canto about rotting remains with technical of killing listener. The Whole four compositions with complex guitars structure, loud explosive sound striking and bloodthirsty chant. All are executed by the rules BRUTAL DEATH METAL, but more exactly his last and modern modification. Presently after such mass festivals as, to example, BRUTAL ASSAULT or OBSCENE for like by flow of the commands much in a complicated way watch. But think, belorussian meatgrinder will not get lost with like by test bestiality! The Carnage only began! 10/13

INCINERATOR “Moves to another existence” MCD 2009 (BELARUS)
Program of the plate: Stillborn civilization/The funeral howling on the outside/Necropolis dweller one/The dead procession on the black earth