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FESTERING SALIVA Zolerane promo-CD 2012

A Band From German, which I did not hear before. Although they have been, what a story, and to view the new album is not the first in their discography. What ?. DEATH METAL and that’s it!!! They came to writing his compositions versatile. Here you can meet and groove elements that we were well pampered team SIX FEET UNDER and rapid attack like MALEVOLENT CREATION / SLAYER,  for example. I am impressed by their music, but I do not understand this bloodthirsty cover plate. Yes, it can be funny to hear, but I did not like the logo of the group. A few clumsy and awkward. I see the band logo as a monolith, carved like MASTER / UNLEASHED / BOLT THROWER etc. / festeringsaliva / festeringsaliva



ZOMBIESLUT “Braineater” promo-CD 2010 (GERMANY)

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ILENKUS Rule By Thieves

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D.R.I.F.F. White Steel

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Program of plate:
Born to lose
Mutant generation

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GRENOUER Lifelong Days

GRENOUER “Lifelong days” CD 2008 (RUSSIA)

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