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GRAVEHILL “Rites of the pentagram” CD + DVD 2010 (USA)

My absolute favorite of the United States. Here’s a product I like always. Here you can listen to the material to fix the American maniacs DEATH METAL HELL their visual image on the second disc of the video(DVD). There homemade drawings and humors, taken in the studio for rehearsals mixed with concert performances(Blood Live ATTACK) of the band GRAVEHILL.Mike Abominator & Company from Hell for you!!! I would also like to note an amazing design of the CD. We have so many infernal plots notorious in cadaveric painting artist John Riddick and mass support information about of band. Audio disc recorded with both new material and old songs added from the album “Metal of death”. Way on one song marked guest singing himself Kam Lee from legendary MASSACRE (“Ravager” song). For me, flying play disc in one go, all Lightning fast and heavy stuff for the present DEATH METAL benefits. Not bad for the American scene, where there is a lot in time to chicken shit impersonating true!Ah yeah, I forgot to bring to your attention the heroes who released a similar diamond-recording is a cult icon IBEX MOON Records (ASPHYX “Death … The brutal way” think Everyone remembers issued by them in this format, as surveyed the release of American Maniacs Death Metal). Well, we have to be patient and wait for the next storm haze and hate of GRAVEHILL Horde! Death Fatality!
P.S.This album is dedicated to Saul Goat Destroyer(RAPED GOD 666)/Brian Lourie(SLAUGHTER) and Chris Witchhunter(SODOM)… 5321 Johnstown,PA 15904 USA

CARDIAC ARREST Cadaverous Presence

Укрепление DEATH METAL фронта в лице этой банды мясников, знающих как дрессировать кровавых зомби и вести себя правильно в морге. Read the rest of this entry

LIFELESS “Beyond the threshold of death” CD 2008

Пожалуй с выпуском своего первого СВ. эта молодая группа из Германии добьется определённого успеха. Совсем не было необходимости использовать лишнюю рекламу в виде, наклейки к CD, на которой указано, что сведением альбома занимались люди из EVOCATION в своей студии. Read the rest of this entry