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HELLHOUND demo-CD 2010 (USA)
Program of plate: Circle of trust / As the needle drips / The bleeding edge / Killing spree in 2010

If you dig on various archaeological excavations, it is precisely this HELLHOUND can be considered one of the oldest formations of metal from the USA. Judge for yourself, they were formed in 1981 and behind them there are only a few demos. Then there was a long break and a series of shifts in the composition. Now they have returned with a relatively fresh material in the spirit of HEAVY / SPEED Metal with a slight touch of the POWER Metal dust. It will be interesting to those who love the sound of it, which we gave in the mid-80s: JUDAS PRIEST / SANCTUARY / MEGADETH etc. This is the old and ringing metal, which we listened to on vinyl records and copied to tape to share music with friends. HELLHOUND after that amount of time required to simply produce full-length album, without any delay whatsoever … The Old Guard metal fans waiting! / hellhoundusa

TRAZOM A reclamation of power

Excellent sounds have come to us from native land THRASH METAL. I is glad to acquaintance to such remarkable band as TRAZOM. I hasten to inform that these guys are perfectly familiar with creativity MEGADETH / DARK ANGEL for example. But it was not a blind copy, and an original find. They synthesized the THRASH METAL sounding with weight of techniques and elements NWOBHM. This is has reminded me an alloy of such collectives as CORONER / FLOTSAM AND JETSAM / MEGADETH and IRON MAIDEN / JUDAS PRIEST. This good mix for the description of music of new collective. One my companion as that has characterized a similar direction rather intelligent-clever THRASH METAL. Well such and it would be desirable to apply to a newly made demo of Americans from TRAZOM. Twisted and a progressive step in THRASH METAL!

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MIDNIGHT PRIEST Rainha da magia negra

Not with one MOONSPELL the Portuguese scene is rich. Get acquainted with new hope of metal from this southern country. Such sounds pleasantly please a flesh and soul. I am glad that there are the similar commands executing a sincere material, being guided by roots of an old genre. Here to you one more example that in the Portuguese language can sound present HEAVY METAL. Porto MIDNIGHT PRIEST a magnificent gift who searches for fresh breath in range IRON MAIDEN / JUDAS PRIEST / METAL CHURCH and similar fathers of a direction. I have pleasantly spent time and I think yet time to open a box with this disk. It I think the most important thing when you get acquainted with new names. MIDNIGHT PRIEST show sonorous guitar riffings, combined with a dynamical sound and a high vocal that does to a gang conclusive advantage before army headbangers. Excellent emotions! I am assured that this command can shake falling asleep listeners at any festival. Only 6 compositions, but it is a decent dose for an injection to the present admirer of old school. Plus a magnificent cover (Hail Moyen!) and the worthy edition from STORMSPELL Records (037).

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Interview With EXORDIUM MORS

Alexumer:  Приветствую вас рыцари тьмы! Для начала расскажите, как вы начали свою деятельность в жарком климате Новой Зеландии…

Santi (гитара): Салют Alexumer!!!! Мы сформировали EXORDIUM MORS в 2004. С этого времени много чего случилось, пока мы были вместе. На наших глазах мы видели, как очередные участники банды приходят и уходят. Но сейчас на данный момент наш состав прочный как никогда!

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As judged by the first acquaintance on photo with this duo italian, I expected to hear what – that followers of the deals MORTUARY DRAPE. But paint false sign turned out to be on person. I have heard the old style HEAVY/THRASH METAL (Upss!) with integer by set of the influences from ACCEPT/MANOWAR/JUDAS PRIEST/ANNIHILATOR/MEGADETH. Here is so sometimes deceptive appearance, but in the event of with BTD this excellent heavy retro back with pleasing grinding of the guitars with vinyl plate 80-h. The Vile vocals (UDO BIG HAILS!!!), flippant losses and heard solos cascades. The Music BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS this pride whole persisting metal without glam and soft melodies. The Bones, skull, fire and mad boom! METAL HAMMER LIVE! 8/13

BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS “Occultum lapidem” 2009 CD (ITALY)
Program of the plate:
The ancient gods/
Tears of lies/
I will die/
Prince of darkness/
Behind my faith/
Thegraves are open/
Occultum lapidem/
Stolen faith