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КАТАФАЛК Восстание

Люди старались сделать нечто ужасное и жестокое в своей “Хата-студия” впитав всё самое ядовитое от DEICIDE, IMPALED NAZARENE, NAPALM DEATH, но с помощью компьютеров DEATH / GRIND приличного уровня записать просто нереально и это также бездарно смотрится как их текстовки, названия треков, фотосессия и  логотип. Пятиклассники в школах свои погремухи на партах и то изящней малюют!

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DEATHBOUND Non compos mentis

I sincerely miss on those far times when NAPALM DEATH did exclusive GRIND CORE without any impurity and commercial features. This Finnish group beginning as BRUTAL DEATH METAL a gang subsequently, was transformed in rectilinear GRIND CORE. New a disk by means of DYNAMIC ARTS Records means the new chapter in the history of this Finnish band. Besides this disk they put end to the fifteen-year experience on a scene. Such result. 14 sick numbers have fallen down our heads in classical GRIND CORE execution. POWERFULL!!! Sounding on the maximum speed and a threshing mode. The plate cover “Non compos mentis” has reminded me memoirs on early drawings CARCASS. I consider them at present as one of the heaviest groups in Finland along with DEMILICH and ROTTEN SOUND. Brutal and ruthless art from the country of thousand Lakes! Even after sounds in end of 14 compositions have abated, in a head noise DEATHBOUND all the same continues to manage! CRUSH!!! KILL!!! AND BROKEN BONES!!!

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