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I waited for this new work with the big impatience. Especially it is my unconditional favorites in infernal metal from islands New Zealand’s. This time after a mad debut they have written down two tracks in their vision UNHOLY BLACK / THRASH METAL on wild speeds with furious peals of a thunder of the percussion instruments, a penetrating bass and wild cry of afflicted natives-murderers!
The attacking sound, striking all on the spot like a sudden tornado brought by a storm from depths of ocean. Elements of a gloom and fine continuation of their grandiose sound. On it a demo they have mentioned gloomy aspects of the past of the most ancient civilizations. The lyrical part of their new compositions narrates about it. Possibly, these tracks will be intended for their new album which I am assured, will be a phenomenal product of darkness! Masterful handwriting! 13/13

EXORDIUM MORS “Demo 2009” demo-CD 2009 (NEW ZELAND)

EXORDIUM MORS “Demo 2009” demo-CD 2009 (NEW ZELAND)

EXORDIUM MORS “Demo 2009” demo-CD 2009 (NEW ZELAND)
Program of the plate:
Verus hostilis
A hymn to fire


Interview With EXORDIUM MORS

Alexumer:  Приветствую вас рыцари тьмы! Для начала расскажите, как вы начали свою деятельность в жарком климате Новой Зеландии…

Santi (гитара): Салют Alexumer!!!! Мы сформировали EXORDIUM MORS в 2004. С этого времени много чего случилось, пока мы были вместе. На наших глазах мы видели, как очередные участники банды приходят и уходят. Но сейчас на данный момент наш состав прочный как никогда!

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