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MAY RESULT Svetogrdie (The Blasphemy)

Достаточно старая UG формация на территории южных славян известная всему миру как BLACK METAL шайка. Со времён перестройки я слышал лишь пару хардовых банд из бывшей Югославии но во многих фанзинах встречались репорты, в которых центровой группой были именно MAY  RESULT. До этого они отличились такими пробами как “Lightning, sword of dark sky”(1997) и ‘Tmina”(2001). Сами они называют свой стиль как ультимативный экстрим метал или традиционный BLACKDEATH METAL. Всё начинается с тёмной клавишной прелюдии, напоминающей античный мотив и подключением скрипучего и ортодоксального BLACK METAL. MAY RESULT движутся в сторону классического северного стиля чёрного металла покроя ANCIENT и GEHENNA , без фолковых этнорисунков, но народном сербском языке. Все треки не меньше восьми минут и здесь есть и размеренные среднетемповые проходы и скоростная бомбёжка и клавишные передышки. Без сомнения это рекомендуемая вещь для фанатиков BLACK METAL ещё больше поднимающая шипы стиля в его правильной интерпретации, а у  MAY RESULT она такая и есть:  продолжать войну против жидовской глупости на славянских землях. SLAVA! Интервью прилагается здесь. Read the rest of this entry

INFEST Onward to destroy

! The Brothers of slavonic lands demonstrate the good knowledge of the high school DEATH METAL. They perform their own opuses with memorandum for get old school MORBID ANGEL / ASPHYX / CANCER / MASSACRA / UNLEASHED .In general, was got impaled work, without any fashionable trend. Such type DEATH METAL performed on border 91-92! Remarkable time for metal! In Serbia not very big scene, but all bands, which get from there, it is enough talented and interesting! Also presence black pair is noticed on this work from MAY RESULT (by GLAD) and SINISTER (by Aad).The Whole album is perceived on one breathing. Here, there is place aggressive melodics and powerful guitars solo, good striking attack and militant voice! Such DEATH METAL will not get dusty on tables! Steel and Death! 12/13


INFEST “Onward to destroy” CD 2009 (SERBIA)
1. Intro
2. Onward To Destroy
3. Screaming From Within
4. Slavery To No One
5. Krstu je Kraj
6. A Sickness Named Religion
7. Messiah of Blood
8. Back to the War
9. Christ Denial

Interview With INFEST


This is one of the most important year in Infest carrier! Vandal becomes very good friend with legendary AAD KLOOSTERWAARD from SINISTER,and to make their friendship stronger, they decide to record one song together, so Adrie sings as a guest vocal on “Screaming From Within”,that becomes one of the most listened song in the lines of Infest fans!! Also, Vandal makes a very good connection with songwriter of VADER, HARRY MAAT, and Harry wrote one of the lyrics for Infest new album,and called it “A SICKNESS NAMED RELIGION” which also finds a good way for Infest fans! GLAD from Serbian horde of black metal MAY RESULT appears as guest vocal on “KRSTU JE KRAJ”, only song that Infest ever recorded in Serbian language! As a promotion of new material Infest played in Czech Republic,on Exit festival and many many more… New album “ONWARD TO DESTROY” appeared on October 10. 2009. and found a great reaction of a crowd!!Infest also became a member of Blood Stained Promotion from Holland, so you can excpect more gigs in new year.Now we only have to wait new European tour which is planed for December this year and to hear what Infest had prepared for their fans!


Ideology of band shall forever remain antichristian persuasions and suffocation of destructive christian theory and its filthy influence on humanity!

Hail to all those who support our ideals and work!

SLAVA BRATE! How your successes? Tell about stories of creation of your band?

VANDAL: Regards Alexumer!! Everything started back in 2003 when couple of kids decided to play deathrash. We have recorded our first demo INQUISITION in that period, and soon after that, one more. We named it TIME TO DIE. During that period there were a lot of gigs, festivals and stuff for promotion, and finally in 2006 we have finished our first full length ANGER WILL REMAIN. Lot of things happened until now, all members were changed, some because of personal problems; some were kicked out, so now we finally have a real crew in a band.

INFEST has written down recently the next disk “Onward to destroy». Your disk well classical sample DEATH METAL shows… Proceeding from what reasons you preach the game?

VANDAL: This year, Zero Budget and Grom Records released our new album ONWARD TO DESTROY which includes 9 songs of pure old school deathrash metal. I wrote all music and lyrics, except one song lyrics, which was written by legendary HARRY MAAT, song writer of VADER (

Music I create and lyrics that I wrote show how I really feel everything around me. Vision of this massive betrayal called religion, blinded people by faith,

Untrusting attitude to the system….and I see that I can’t change anything, so I use my music as a machine gun. Maybe, so one will take a message from these songs…and I’m glad that you like it.

In record of your disk musicians SINISTER have taken guest part and MAY RESULT. Tell us is more detailed about the given cooperation?

VANDAL: ADRIE from SINISTER is a living legend!!!! We became friends for a short time, and we decided to make it stronger with his vocals on our song as a support!
GLAD from MAY RESULT is my friend for a long time, and it was just a meaning of time when will we make something together, so we made one song on Serbian and I saw it as a perfect moment to sing it with GLAD.

To be pleasant to you creativity of this bands. SINISTER is close to your creativity. And music MAY RESULT it BLACK METAL a band from your country.

VANDAL:   Well we have influence from SINISTER, but we are still taking the old school way of Death Metal, so there’s a little difference in our music, but we all grove up on Sinister albums. MAY RESULT is elite Serbian black metal band! They enjoy great respect across the world! One of the biggest bands from Serbia ever…

Tell about the Serbian movement. Personally to me are familiar only KOZELJNIK, THE STONE and MAY RESULT. Who has still let out good albums from your Country?

VANDAL:  All these 3 bands are involved in Serbian Black metal elite!

But, we also have good death, thrash, and speed metal scene and bands Disdained, Awaiting Fear, Nadimac, Pollution, Azazel and many more….

As to you it is worked Grom records – Zero Budget Production. Tell us about this pair of yours friend’s records. On what conditions they are have published your disk. In what circulation you have published “Onward to destroy”?

VANDAL:  I’m very glad that they’ve done it together, because I’m good friend with both of them, and every problem can be fixed very quickly…

Their distribution is on very high standard and I’m sure that you can find our CD across the world…I get reviews from some unexpected part od the world… (Indonesia, Turkey….)
SINISTER for you probably not only group for inspiration of the composition of music. And what do you think of older Dutch DEATH METAL to gods as PESTILENCE/ASPHYX/ PENTACLE?

VANDAL:   Of course not, but one of my favourite for sure …Pestilence is my first love of death metal, and when I hear Asphyx I go crazy :)!!!

Pentacle is a favourite band of our lead guitarist Glavoseca, and of course one of mine…But I like also Supreme Pain, Dutch death metal maniacs!!

Time has started talking about influences. That by what bands are inspired INFEST. Your favourite set of groups?

VANDAL:  Oooo very hard question…But I’ll try to make my list as short as possible…Vader, Old Sepultura, Sinister, Unleashed, Dismember, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Destroyer 666, Desaster……and I think that this is enough 🙂

As is to simple Serbian guys from group INFEST in Serbia. As whom do you work in a life, whether have families?

VANDAL: We are all students in Belgrade, except our drummer who works in a company as a control man.. Standards in Serbia are very low, so we all have to work somewhere, whenever we can to make some money for living….None of us is from Belgrade, so we all live far from our families, but that’s the price of finding good people to play…So if someone’s not ready to make that kind of decisions, lot of good bands never make something….

Whether often you give concerts. How many on time your performance and as you communicate with fans lasts. Play things of other groups during performances. You play the sober?

VANDAL: I can say that we played a lot of gigs in past year, as in Serbia, at the same way in Macedonia, Czech… but we have planed more gigs in 2010, because of promotion of this new album, and now we are preparing tour for the next year, but I’ll let you know as soon as all dates are announced….

We play sometimes covers from Sodom, Slayer, Death, Unleashed and even Iron Maiden …It depends on a reaction of crowd…but for now it was great atmosphere always…

It was pleasant to me intro to your disk. Very atmospheric and malicious. Many critics compare you with MORBID ANGEL. What to you such comparison?

VANDAL:  Thank you, nice to hear that !Intro is very dark and atmospheric, because it’s a opener for an album with that kind of lyrics and music. I saw in many reviews that people compare us with Morbid Angel which is very nice for me to hear, I’m honoured with that, but we are still trying to bring something ours , something original, but still in the old school way od deathrash…

VANDAL / Glavoseca/ Zealot / ZOMBI – Who’s Has thought up to you such terrible names?

VANDAL: HAHAHAAH, Trust me, everyone except me has that “nick name” for a long time, from childhood period…Only I decided to take Vandal as my other name, because it looks like on me, the way of my attitude is like that, so I think that it’s ok for me, so I don’t care if someone don’t like it …

On a disk you express gratitude and greetings Macedonian metalheads. INFEST are popular in neighbouring countries were Yugoslavia?

VANDAL:  All of the greetings for Macedonian people are not enough! What we enjoy when we play there it can’t be described by the word…you have to see that, that’s the main reason why we will take a video down there on our next show! We haven’t played in all ex YU countries, but where ever we played, reaction of crowd was very good!! Next year we will play across Europe, so we will for sure play in every of them…

You were born in which country already are not present. Or to be the Serb for you a point of honour and national pride. What can you tell about culture of the country out of Yugoslavia?

VANDAL:  I really don’t remember how it was then, because I was very young for all that, but now I can say that I’m proud to be Serb , but I don’t have to show that in public as being terrorist and stuff like some nations present us..

Serbian traditional culture is very interesting and who ever come here, he can’t believe what he see, because, as I said, lot of people want to destroy us and talk shit about us. but , we don’t give a f@@k… We survived a lot of wars, and proved that we are strong nation. Also in sport…how many medals do we have…and how small country we are….

As to you all this Muslims a brothel in Kosovo. It was necessary to play with INFEST in those lands?

VANDAL:  Politics created all that shit in Kosovo…It’s a shame for Europe and for every politician , how they are afraid to do anything to make that things clear with Serbs and Muslims on Kosovo…Kosovo is Serbian ground for centuries, and that’s how it is. You can not take something and say how that is yours , if it belongs to someone else…

Your associations with:

a)  Great SINISTER ALBUM, also very good band
b) Their politicians will destroy this Earth
c)I don’t like movies about his social  themes
e) WORLD CHAMPION 91 in football, my first love, and my favourite club for life!!

When to wait your following DEATH METAL for attack and tell in the end something on Serbian for fans INFEST!!!

VANDAL: Soon we will play with Disdained in Macedonia, so everyone’s welcome!!

Thanks a lot for a great interview and thanks a lot to all our fans across the world! We are ready for new gigs and festivals, so very soon we will meet somewhere!!!! STAY BRUTAL!!!!666

Zoran Sokolović
Kosovska 6
35000 Jagodina

INFEST Onward to destroy
FUNERAL WHORE Morbid intentions
DEATHBOUND Non compos mentis
Bastard priest Ghouls of the endless night
BLOODTHIRST EXCIDIUM Infernal thrashing kommandments Split CD

The Stone “Магла” CD 2007

The Stone Магла CD 2007

The Stone Магла CD 2007

Эту банду я давно хотел услышать ещё со времён интервью с MAY RESULT (СМ RENAISSANCES) и вот с подачи FOLTER RЕСORDS мне это удалось сделать. По сути тут собраны другие идеи и цели участников самой сильной банды с Балкан, упомянутых MAY RESULT. Сокрушающий и массивный ARYAN DEATH / BLACK METAL с тяжелейшими гитарными атаками в колотящем темпе на максимуме. Нет, это конечно не GORGOROTH / BEHIRITH.HO довольна скоростная форма DEATH METAL с оттягами и переменой настроения как у MORBID ANGEL / SINISTER. Bce это с оскверненным вокалом из BLACK METAL в маршевой манере полной гордости за своё европейское наследие. Мне очень вкатил завершающий трек Месечев зрак” с прекрасным мрачным outro в виде клавишной концовки. Добротный релиз, пускай не новатор, но отличный мастер старой школы! Считаю у южных славян дела идут неплохо в последнее время и со временем все увидят их огромный потенциал Ветер дует в правильном направлении SLAVА!

The Stone “Магла” CD 2007 (СЕРБИЯ)
2.Zavet Oca Arija
3.Zakon Sile, Trijumf Smrti
4.Dok se Blizi Propast Neizbezna
6.Mesecev Zrak
Artist: The Stone
Release Name: Magla
Year: 2006
Genre: Black/Pagan Metal
Country: Serbia (Belgrade)

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