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MIDNIGHT PRIEST Rainha da magia negra

Not with one MOONSPELL the Portuguese scene is rich. Get acquainted with new hope of metal from this southern country. Such sounds pleasantly please a flesh and soul. I am glad that there are the similar commands executing a sincere material, being guided by roots of an old genre. Here to you one more example that in the Portuguese language can sound present HEAVY METAL. Porto MIDNIGHT PRIEST a magnificent gift who searches for fresh breath in range IRON MAIDEN / JUDAS PRIEST / METAL CHURCH and similar fathers of a direction. I have pleasantly spent time and I think yet time to open a box with this disk. It I think the most important thing when you get acquainted with new names. MIDNIGHT PRIEST show sonorous guitar riffings, combined with a dynamical sound and a high vocal that does to a gang conclusive advantage before army headbangers. Excellent emotions! I am assured that this command can shake falling asleep listeners at any festival. Only 6 compositions, but it is a decent dose for an injection to the present admirer of old school. Plus a magnificent cover (Hail Moyen!) and the worthy edition from STORMSPELL Records (037).

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Interview With ARBITRATOR

1) Хайль! Как я понимаю, вы не из тех команд, которые штампуют диски с периодичностью раз в год. Каким событием для банды явился выпуск вашего третьего “Children of apocalypse” полного альбома. Какая презентация этого диска ждет Фанов из уст самой команды, а не из стандартного пресс-релиза?

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