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Прямо не группа, а целая футбольная команда All stars VIKING METAL Europe! Условно, конечно – же. Представьте, что в состав входит аж 14 (!) музыкантов из шести стран. FOLKEARTH существует как студийный проект, где музыканты занимаются тейпингом, а затем наигранные идеи сшивает в единое сукно Magnus Wohlfart у себя дома в Швеции. Разные творцы из PAGAN, FOLK, VIKING METAL банд, разные идеи и разные взгляды по объединению единой языческой Европы. Естественно СD получился блещущий  разнообразием основ песен, использование инструментов разных типов -смычковых, примочечных, клавишных ещё более обогащает колоритом общую атмосферу диска. На маршевости POWER METAL взрощен бородатый VIKING / FOLK METAL.  Да, с лихвой всё это перетворили у себя на хуторе тролли из FINTROLL, но кому не хватает перепетых саг, найдут что-то полезное у FOLKEARTH. После того как великий Quorthon отправился в Вальгаллу, осталось его огромное наследие, остающееся букварём для молодых викингов. Пейте хмель деревянными танкардами, жрите мескалиновые мухоморы и размахивайте в такт рогатым шлемом на носу! Оно этого стоит.

По сути, повторюсь, здесь нет ничего нового, но если захотите в наушниках использовать это вместо сопровождения к слэш – коровым играм вроде ENCLAVE и RUNE, то успех прохождения гарантирован с первого раза. Сейчас банда занята укреплением своих позиций сочиняя треки для второго диска, с увеличением в планах, армии участников состава. Stygian crypt снова на высоте, заработал плюс в копилку каталога, выпустив этот интернациональный UG продукт.

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Bastard priest Ghouls of the endless night

Blood Harvest Records spit out their entrails another stinking and wicked puck 12 gauge Old school DEATH METAL PUNK Swedish kings of the principality … All the same grave diggers friend get-together for MAIM / MIASMAL / VANGHELGD … Yes, this music now, not just rushing Fenriz, but and a large number of soldiers requiring old bad boys recovery Advanced Member tradition. BASTARD PRIEST loudly declared itself a year ago their debut disc “Under the hammer of destruction”. Since then, many were waiting for the continuation of them. And it was not long in coming. While the Master boSS & BESTIAL MOCKERY (hell respect!) Are dormant or regular drinking bout), we can enjoy them RAW DEATH METAL from BASTARD PRIEST. They chose a measured pace of execution of his compositions derived from the forefront of the bass drum line, which creates a certain background while listening. Tracks fairly heavy and reminiscent of past exploits AUTOPSY … As I understand it they glorify in their texts the cemetery and try to scare stories you to death … These are they BASTARD PRIEST! ENDLESS FUNERAL!!!

Bastard priest "Ghouls of the endless night" LP 2011 (Sweden)

Bastard priest "Ghouls of the endless night" LP 2011 (Sweden)

Bastard priest “Ghouls of the endless night” LP/CD 2011 (Sweden)
1. Pestilent Force
2. Ghouls of the Endless Night
3. Enter Eternal Nightmare
4. Poison
5. Sacrilegious Ground
6. F@@king Slaughter 04:
7. Last Scream
8. Enormous Thunder of the End

Blood harvest records:
P/O Box 7092
200 42 Malm?

Bastard priest Biography

Bastard priest Biography

December 2008 learned with bands like KATALYSATOR, GRAVELESS, BOMBS OF HADES, ENVENOMED, MIASMAL, DEGIAL, TRIBULATION, EVISCERATED and MORBUS CHRON that the dusty Swedeath from Stockholm was heading for a second coming. Actually, oldschool Death Metal in general was on a comeback, hell yeah! Among these bands was one called BASTARD PRIEST, consisting of Inventor (guitars, bass and vocals) and Matt Mendoza (drums and vocals). Already founded in 2001, they waited for the right time to plunge their hammer into the underground. On their Myspace page were a few tracks posted of their demo “Merciless Insane Death” released in May 2008 and three tracks from a recording that was done in 2007 but officially never released. As Matt states about this: “The demo 2007 never existed! This is a common misunderstanding on the internet – we recorded 3 songs is 2007 (‘Blasphemy From Hell’, ‘Evil Pain’ and ‘Power Of Death’) but since we weren’t happy enough with the outcome we decided to regroup and record what came to be the 2008 demo. The recording from 2007 was up on our myspace music-player for a while and therefore people seem to think we have a release named “Demo 2007” – truth is it’s more of a rehearsal-demo, and it was just for us in the band – we never made any tapes or CDRs that we gave out to friends, zines or labels.” So, that’s cleared for once and for all! The impact of all posted tracks was huge! Rotten, brutal and most of all convincing. They feel so genuine and pure that the spirit of 1987 – 1990 is in each and every note! It simply doesn’t get any better than this… With bands like BASTARD PRIEST the resurrection is most justified. After this demo it became silent for some time untill now! Their debut “Under The Hammer Of Destruction” is now available as CD on Pulverised Records and on vinyl on Blood Harvest Records and I definitely recommend this to fans of REPULSION, AUTOPSY, NIHILIST / old ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER,  SLAUGHTER, REPUGNANT, newer outfits like MAIM, GRAVE MIASMA, TORMENTED, DEATH BREATH and even THRONEUM. The Death Metal on “Under The Hammer Of Destruction” is raw, straight forward (without blasting) but so utterly effective. In just under 34 minutes you’ll get 11 tracks, including the three re-recorded songs from 2007 and the complete “Merciless Insane Death” demo. The three new tracks ‘Visions Of Doom’, ‘Total Mutilation’ and ‘Chock’ show the band’s grown to an even better shape and BASTARD PRIEST still walk the path of Death like they’ve constructed it themselves. A few effectes and a bit more variation matured these tracks to the best you’ll be able to get these days on this field. Simply astonishing! The result is (one of) the best album(s) this year can offer. Personally, I think this is it and “Under The Hammer Of Destruction” is an instant classic. Check out for more info

VORGUS Hellfueled satanic action

The next blow was put by the French opponents from INFERNO Records. In after release VASTATOR and HELLHOUND they have prepared the next musical act of terrorism! The Swedish trio VORGUS eccentrically posing in photos has brought down the sound impact consisting of bones, chains and skulls! DIE HARD HEAVY METAL BEAST! Before this transaction Swedes in the biography have some demonstration works, but “Hell fueled satanic action” was the first official record of a band. At INFERNO there is a slogan which they often use in the work-In Metal We Trust. Also on a disk there is a composition with this name. Coincidence? So, they use average rate of game and most close here analogies with GEHENNAH and the rest BLACK THRASH’ N’ ROLL will act! Also on their melodious bases their good education on classical metal is visible. Fine guitar work under the influence of JUDAS PRIEST and KISS in ferrous metal tightened by a skin and chains! VORGUS-it a good portion METAL KICK ASS!!! 12/13

VORGUS "Hellfueled satanic action" CD 2009 (SWEDEN)

VORGUS "Hellfueled satanic action" CD 2009 (SWEDEN)

VORGUS “Hellfueled satanic action” CD 2009  (SWEDEN)
Program of the plate:
Hellfueled satanic action
In metal we trust
Down in flames
Hellhell satanas
Kill to live to kill
My beloved


1) Спирт расширяет сознание и действует на психику. Как Вы считаетесь с ним, и какие напитки используете для своих ритуалов и концертов?
1) Hell-o Goatpal! MASTER. От имени BESTIAL MOCKERY здесь! Да, мы всегда пьем, и используем наркотики на наших репетициях в нашем бункере и на сцене! Мы пьем сильнейший f@@king коктейль, вызывающий отвращение из пива 11% и Виски!

2) Кто сейчас помогает вам в вашей войне? Назовите имена избранных…
2) KARNARIUM и FORCE OF DARKNESS наилучшие оккультные банды подземелья в наше время. Их новые альбомы выйдут скоро! Kill, Ruins, Acrimonious, Matricide, Toxic Holocaust и Morbid Insulter -это killer extremists! Hail Blasphemy and Face of Evil!

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AVSKY Mass destruction


Просто замечательный диск свалился на больные головы фанатиков BLACK METAL. Всё что покоится под угрюмым именем AVSKY,окутано неповторимой чёрной аурой. Ранний BURZUM / DARK THRONE / ISENGARD вот наиболее близкие соратники по их чёрному искусству. С большой долей депрессии и отчуждения они исполняют свои пасквили отравленного равнодушия. Их нельзя назвать скоростными, лишь в паре моментов они сорвались с цепи. Один раз как в треке “Knowledge and hate”это напомнило DESTRUCTION.И я, было, обрадовался их трюшному приёму, но увы больше они не удивляли. На этом всё и закончилось. Наступила пора продолжительной суицидальной атмосферы. Также очень сильным моментом назову вокал. Запомнился очень эмоциональный вопль и болезненный скриминг. Ещё о@уенно мрачный инструментал-“Possessed” и заключительная “Until…”достаточно мелодичная, рвущая подавленным настроением и отчаянием. Пение драммера TO просто нереальное.

AVSKY “Mass destruction” CD 2007 (ШВЕЦИЯ)
Программа плиты:
The plague
Knowledge and hate
Like a tumor that has to be removed
Mass destruction
Mushroom cloud
Until nothing remains

BESTIAL MOCKERY Sepulchral wrath

The Unconditional favorite! This shocking republication storied demo Swedish fiend took place at participation WITCHHAMMER Production. There is information that tape has designed UNHOLY HORDE Records, but vinyl version has produced AGONIA records. The Excellent sounds ready to wake all dead people on graveyard and send them on war. Beside me, impression that before this record they were found under deep influence first album SLAYER /SEPULTURA / SODOM (Only very old stuffs!)The Wars of the darkness from Sweden armed THRASH / BLACK METAL pool shoot up the foamy servants. The Excellent sounds under code 666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BESTIAL MOCKERY “Sepulchral wrath” MCD 2003 (SWEDEN)
Program of the plate:
Sworn to darkness
Shadow from beyond
Satans devilsaw
Sepulchral wrath

PAGANIZER Scandinavian warmachine

The Old buddy on underground Rogga (Hail CARVE!!!) with its main project PAGANIZER presents the new portion uncompromising ultra DEATH /BLACK THRASH METAL. On cover to disk to we return the monstrous robot from “Massive killing capacity”. Instead of chainsaw beside it lazer gun, which he all killing on its way! The Death around! Scandinavian War-machine where that beside! The Music PAGANIZER also sinister and severe as this cruel robot-psychopath. Unlike EVOCATION their sounds more aggressive and damp, but remains within the framework of good of the swedish school. They are to GRAVE / UNLEASHED / UNNANIMATED closer and are found in their community. Pride DEATH METAL made in Sweden! ABSOLUT! 12/13

PAGANIZER “Scandinavian warmachine” CD 2009 (SWEDEN)
Program of the plate:

1. Forever Scorned
2. Scandinavian Warmachine
3. The Flesh
4. Colder
5. Thule in Flames
6. Distracting the Gods to Enable the Slaughter of Millions
7. An Icon for the Damned
8. Crusader
9. Bonesaw Bonanza
10. Cold Seed Burning the World
11. Morbid Panzer Batallion
12. Onward to Die
13. Punishment Through Defeat
14. The Skies Bleed Napalm
15. Undead Warhead
16. World of Smoking Ruins

EVOCATION Dead calm chaos

With timeless care with the main scene such full-grown in past warriors as ENTOMBED / AT THE GATES passed much time. Became the sulphur and sadly. I itself became to forget, what must be present swedish DEATH METAL, which haved a fever whole Europe at the beginning initially 90 years. And here is with receipts EVOCATION situation changed. Finally came the command, which must show whole underground that Swedish DEATH METAL else early to bury. Newly with the help of good full tilts as CYCLONE EMPIRE Records we get acquainted with new creation of the group. On disk EVOCATION possible to hear the guest participation of such personalities as Dan Swano and Andreas Bjorler.
Work was got atmospheric, but herewith not losing its gravity. Even at slow moment and transition with melodics EVOCATION sounds it is enough aloud. Serious, qualitative, technical music DEATH METAL continuing row classical number, for instance “Clandestine”/”Like an ever flowing stream”/”Unorthodox” etc. The Whole was necessary the year after issue “Tales from the tomb” to show who here main in Swedish DEATH METAL! 12/13

EVOCATION “Dead calm chaos” CD 2008 (SWEDEN)
Program of the plate:
In the reign of chaos
Silence sleep
Angel of torment
Dead calm chaos
Truth will come clear
Protected by what gods
Tommorow has no sunrise
Astray masquerade
Razored to the bone

JORMUNDGAND Satanic attack

The Gloomy duo from Sweden invasion with hurricane by onslaught, consisting of four songs. UNHOLY BLACK/THRASH METAL close to society known BESTIAL MOCKERY/NIFELHEIM/KAAMOS. Apropos, lad from NIFELHEIM shocking artists. They helped this beginner dark scene to arrange the engraving for disk. The parade spiteful crock is present on picture. Now sound. The First composition is executed in traditional manner- gloomy, spiteful and enough uncompromising. The gloomy chill winnows from their musics because of what record was done by people with north. Here average rate mixing is used with attacking hold ups. The Last composition terminates the battle of the darkness beautiful key background that will add maturity to the general atmosphere. Expect get fat version, either as we!!! 9/13

deadwebzineJORMUNDGAND “Satanic attack” demo-CD 2009 (SWEDEN)
Program of the plate:
Occult sacrifice
Black winds of death
Satanic attack
By the grace of death

Interview With MORDANT


The band was come to the world just to rape your soul with their Venom/Bathory influensed music. So far they have released three demos and two albums. Summer 2001 they played at the “Slave To Metal Night” in Dals Långed and they get some really good respons at that gig. A paper Mag. from the Phillipines “Bakal Zine” liked the demo soo much that they did an interview with the band. In 2002 Leatherdemon was called in to be a member of MORDANT and they played at The Slave To Metal Night Part II. And there have come some long travelling fans to see them – cool! Also they put in a BATHORY cover in the setlist – it was “The Reaper”. In 2003 Leatherdemon left the band but the band didn´t give upp so in 2004 Mordant released Momento Mori their first Full-length. After a few years of silence they came back with an new Guitarrist called Soulmolester and they were Back From Hell. Unfortnetly their drummer Häll quit the band but nothing could stop them now. They entered the studio with new material with Necrophiliac behind the drums and also played solo guitar. They will also record a tribute song to the legendary Black metal gods Sabbat from Japan. The song will be on the next tribute album released by Iron Pegasus Records. 

I salute us- soldiers of darkness from MORDANT! Tell a little about the group. How there was a desire to create group? At you not so it is a lot of records for MORDANT. What takes away time from musical activity?

Bitchfire and Necrophilac started playing metal at an early age and in 1997, when the new riffs lead to entire songs, Mordant was born. Since that after some member exchanges, we now are stronger than ever and we are raised from hell to deliver what our Black Metal-veins carries….. Have you out there, 100% of full force, all the time…

 MORDANT play RAW BLACK / THRASH METAL close to your fellow countrymen from BESTIAL MOCKERY / KILL / CHURCH OF BIZZARE. Me so it seemed or they have made on your certain impact. What bands are your favorites? There is a definition of own style at MORDANT. На than your lyrical part is based. Who is the inspirer for your texts?

For example: BATHORY, VENOM, KORROZIA METALLA, SABBATH, DISSECTION, VULCANO, HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST, OBSCURITY, TREBLINKA, HOLOCAUSTO, ANGELWITCH and N.W.O.B.H.M! DEATH and EVIL ! If you mean which band who has talented lyric writers, you have for example Jon Nödtveidt, Quorthon, Richard Deamon, Steve Harris.
Sweden has made much for a world metal scene. In your opinion, what period can be noted as the most productive in this plan? Groups of 80 years, groups of 90 years, groups of this era?

If we talk about Black/Death-Metal, our opinion is that the early 90´s where the most productive, this was when there wasn’t so many who have heard this raw tones. Today we have some superb metal bands who lay down there souls in it. But unfortunately there are many assholes; posers and wimps who try to play metal, most of them do it for money or to be cool.

Often you give concerts and that they from themselves represent. Why you use a make-up.?

 Its not make-up….

When it is possible to wait your new album and what it will be?

 We have new raw materials that we can put in a new album. We just wait for the right moment to release it. Death and Evil…

You’re which first group you have heard in the childhood were … Remember the first metal concert. You collect music? What format the mc, vinyl or a compact disc to you is more to accept for you?

It was MOTORHEAD or IRON MAIDEN for most of us. Metal is best on Vinyl of course!

 Whom you work in a usual life? And whether your fellow workers know your hobby in MORDANT? What do the usual people who are learning about your activity speak?
Does it matter?

 What do you think of such figure as Quorthon (BATHORY) whether? You admirers of its creativity also play its compositions at yourselves rehearsals. How pass your rehearsals? Whether there are fights between participants MORDANT?

We fight all the time when we are in the rehearsal room.. Or..

What style of music is unacceptable for musicians MORDANT? Have of bands with whom you wage war or they have declared to you boycott?

The readers of this zine know that, if they believe in our music!

YOU must continue your fight! Sounds very good! Thanks for interview. I wish, as well as many other things soon to hear your new album. Tell something in Swedish in end of our conversation for my readers. If possible)))

Thanks for the interview! Soon you will see a new full-length album with us in the market, we are out with the latest tribute album for the Sabbath, and came back if you want something else that we released.


MORDANT (SWE) Back From Hell Demo 2008

MORDANT (SWE) Back From Hell Demo 2008
Back from hell,
Fall of holiness,
Infernal evil
Достаточно старая шведская бригада, имеющая с 97 года лишь два Demo “Die!” 2000 и Suicide Slaughter (EP – 2002) и один альбом Momento Mori (CD – 2004). Они собрались для того, чтобы терроризировать наши души под влиянием музыки VENOM и BATHORY.He знаю как с этими изречениями из биографии, но тот материал, что я услышал, попадает по рамки OLD SCHOOL HEAVY DEATH / BLACK METAL! MORDANT -это заводной и энергичный “козлиный метал”, где нет места остановкам и примесям красок. Только истинная адская пляска! Коротких три номера за время звучания, которых они изваляют любого в чёрной грязи преисподней. Другими словами, это для тех, кто вышивает в жилетках с нашивками BESTIAL MOCKERY / NIFELHEIM / GEHENNAH и так далее. Хорошие звуки возвращаются вместе с этим BLACK ROCK ! HELL METAL!!!

Other stuff
HATE BEAST Blade swings down
MIDNIGHT PRIEST Rainha da magia negra
NO PITY Iron from hell
LIGHT? Mirrors
VORGUS Hellfueled satanic action

ROT / MORTICUM SPLIT-MC 2008 (Poland Sweden)

ROT / MORTICUM SPLIT-MC 2008 (Poland Sweden)

В последнее время я вижу у многих наметилась тенденция к выпуску кассет. Традиции возвращаются .Снова чёрной бомбой в моём почтовом боксе разорвалась очередная лента ненависти и тьмы. Последнее издание в 100 копий подготовленное распавшейся конторой дьявола GOAT TERRORIST Production. (is dead!) для этих двух нечестивых команд. Первыми штурмуют поляки и отмечу, что они здесь выступают с более глубоким звучанием, нежели на демо “Embodying the spirit evil” (07). Плотное я насыщенное UNHOLY BLACK ‘N’ THRASH METAL исполнение разрушительного характера без пощады! Очень грубый и невежественный акт молотилова с выразительным бас-гитарным качем. Злой металл! Замечу, что на этом тандеме они не изменили своей традиции в переигровке классиков металла. Два ретро – римейка на “Bombbreaker” (KREATOR) / “Death dealer” (SLAUGHTER) испытаны на этот раз. Хорошая атака из под земли! В продолжении метража ленты они передали гранату шведским богохульникам блэк – металла MORTICUM. 4 трека вертящихся только возле одного понятия, отгадайте сами какого, хе-хе! На мой взгляд эта формула зла и ада выглядит TaK: BEHERIT(OLD) + MORTEM (OLD) + MAYHEM (OLD) Total holocaust + MORTlCUM. B общем, кромешная тьма для правых фанатиков культа! Остальным не предназначено, поэтому нах@й!

VORGUS Hellfueled satanic action
BESTIAL MOCKERY Sepulchral wrath
PAGANIZER Scandinavian warmachine
JORMUNDGAND Satanic attack
EXCIDIUM Infernal oath

GRAVEWURM/SUICIDAL WINDS “From conflict to conquest” split-CD 2007

GRAVEWURM/SUICIDAL WINDS “From conflict to conquest” split-CD 2007

GRAVEWURM/SUICIDAL WINDS “From conflict to conquest” split-CD 2007

GRAVEWURM / SUICIDAL WINDS “From conflict to conquest” split-CD 2007 (США / ШВЕЦИЯ) Программа плиты: Lords of scourge and scorn, Night hag, Angel of the darkest light, Obey the beast Betrothed to the underworld, Devils doom, Demonic prayer, The high priest of perversion«Devils feast Malignant desire, Turn the cross upside down

Эпиграфом здесь могут служить слова – “Эту песню не задушишь, не убьёшь!” Я думаю не для кого не надо объяснять значимость этих команд в андеграунде. Королевский Сплит и безоговорочный фаворит моего плеера в уходящем сезоне GRAVEWURM в своем вязком и сыром саунде OLD FUNERAL BLACK / THRASH METAL. Ohи неизменно следуют курсом HELLHAMMER / BATHORY начала восьмидесятых. Матерый материал американских демонов металла записан в 2005 году открывает этот черный пластик пятью вещами. Наверное, по пятому заключительному Tpeку Betrothed to the underworld” можно описать все настроение их работы. Монотонный мрачный риффинг, средний темп и глубокий омерзительный рык Funeral‘а. Кстати, в записи отметился своим скримом Vomit из DOOMSTONE. В общем наигранное для тех кто плотно висит на NUNSLAUGHTER / MASTER / USURPER and others devilish! Hacчёт второй стороны скажу, что SW ворвались сокрушительной атакой F** THRASH / DEATH METAL как бы компенсируя всю депрессивность начинавших GRAVEWURM. Оhи настолько быстры, словно табун варваров на лету срывающих скальпели со своих врагов. Запись более радикальна к раннему творчеству POISON / DESTRUCTION / SODOM и конечно же UNANIMATED!!! (НЕ*Е*Е**ЫЙ КУЛЬТ!) За пятнадцать лет SW отметились всего четырьмя полновесными релизами, но все они GREAT & KILL!!! (Превосходный компакт и я рад что провалился в эту UG яму OLD METAL STYLE 80-х! Настоятельно рекомендую!

Диск выпущен поляками TIМЕ BEFORE TIME Records имеющих хороший вкус. К тому же настоящими металлистами!