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Excellent start of a young Russian formation living in waters BAY AREA THRASH METAL.VIVA THRASH FIESTA! I as to the adherent of such things very much am imposed by such displays, especially from Russia. I have learned the old fighter of a vault in the name of their vocalist Alexander (ex-CUMDEO) here it wanted to them to show the blood-thirsty vocal. The clockwork and massive music made with soul and by rules of classics of a genre which I think, is not present sense to list. By the way they have devoted a one song in the end of an album – excellent plays a known masterpiece from TESTAMENT. In any piece, each of tracks are learnt so familiar old metal headbangers intonations from “bearded classics”. Definitely simple and pleasant music having to sincere rest and nostalgic reflexions as iron on a boundary of 85-88 years was forged! THRASH INVASION FROM RUSSLAND ON US OLD STYLE! Great feelings

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