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KILLING FIELDS Extermination by human

Recently I began to receive many the correspondences from Asia. Possibly, metal again gathering the force from those edges became fault to it. There are many new groups and fanzines. It is necessary to notice that the majority of them supports old traditions and it inexpressibly enjoy. KILLING FIELDS from the familiar all tourist country Thailand. In this structure have united the efforts three friends connected by the general interest to OLD SPEED / THRASH METAL. Of course it not revolution in world THRASH METAL of culture, but it is necessary to give due and to understand where there is Thailand and what efforts it is necessary to struggle for ideas of metal. In KILLING FIELDS I have distinctly heard a sound of freedom and self-expression without any beautiful moments. This a dry and metal sound on a manner similar to groups of the past. The disk written down and published by own efforts extends exclusively through musicians. Support the Thai Underground.

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SABBAT Live in Thailan Demonslaught

In general I simply ceased to listen all concert albums,but more so live after the last bugging “Eine claine nachtinmusic”(VENOM 2LP 1985). I have selfish considered this disk by top of the unexcelled alive sound in BLACK F@#KIN METAL! But the next letter of my dear brother on metal from Thailand (Greet JERASAK WARRIOR!!!) was sent with loored around by disk. The Storied neighbours from country rising sun SABBAT has visitted in 2007 Thailand with concert visit. I consider such visits as heroic feat kamikadze since in Malaysia, Thailand and India metal officially prohibited. On this satanic metal performance was chief of the company WITCHHAMMER Prod. -JERASAK itself, and for history he has released all on CD! In that day was, probably, else hot, than in THAILAND’s hell! SABBAT have broken the common-room its dick and frantic performance BLACK SAMURAI HEAVY ARMAGGEDDON!13 composition persisting ferric diluted infernal instrumental composition! THE STORM, COMING FROM JAPANESE EPIDEMIC DEATHESEA! MADE IN SOUTH EVIL!!!
WITCHHAMMER Production: 11/13


SABBAT “Live in Thailan Demonslaught” CD 2007 (JAPAN)
Program of the plate:
Black fire
Ishidamien’s guitar solos
Satan bless you
Evil nation
Evoke the evil
Disembody to the abyss
Demonic serenade & Brothers of demons
Mion’s hill
In league with devil
Darkness and evil
Heavy metal hunter (METALUCIFER’s cover)

BEYOND DESCRIPTION Proof of the truth
GRAVEWURM/SUICIDAL WINDS “From conflict to conquest” split-CD 2007
NECROMANTIA “The sound of Lucifer storming heaven” Review


В стране дешёвого секс туризма и Мекке кулинарии из морепродуктов в последнее время участились случаи проявления BLACK METAL агрессии. По крайней мере, там действуют уже около десятка команд, самые яркие из которых: ZUGOATSIS (BLACK М) SURRENDER OF DIVINTTY(BM) / DARK MYSTERY (BM). Одержимый маньяк, по имени Aboroth, сподобился записать 66 болванок с двумя композициями примитивного и скоростного BLACK METAL , в направлении раннего GORGOROTH / IMMORTAL / ENTHRONED. Скверное карканье вместо вокала, безудержное гитарное насилие и очумелая драм машинка, колотящая в одном ритме. Экзотический продукт зла! Те 66 человек, которые услышат данный материал, скорее всего, будут находиться в глубоком андеграунде. По крайней мере, моя копия стала 23 по счёту. Найти этот звуковой кошмар будет делом проблематичным, так как допечаток вроде не планируется. Ха, всегда меня веселили все эти выпуски 66,13,9,5 копий … Интересно посмотреть на весь этот элитарный пантеон, состоящий из пяти человек, хе-хе…


Limited to 66 copies.
1. Grave of the Ignorance
2. Enter the Wrath

KILLING FIELDS Extermination by hyman
SABBAT Live in Thailan Demonslaught
Bastard priest Ghouls of the endless night
EVOCATION Dead calm chaos
SIDUS TENEBRARUM Born from the dark rib