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SABBAT Live in Thailan Demonslaught

In general I simply ceased to listen all concert albums,but more so live after the last bugging “Eine claine nachtinmusic”(VENOM 2LP 1985). I have selfish considered this disk by top of the unexcelled alive sound in BLACK F@#KIN METAL! But the next letter of my dear brother on metal from Thailand (Greet JERASAK WARRIOR!!!) was sent with loored around by disk. The Storied neighbours from country rising sun SABBAT has visitted in 2007 Thailand with concert visit. I consider such visits as heroic feat kamikadze since in Malaysia, Thailand and India metal officially prohibited. On this satanic metal performance was chief of the company WITCHHAMMER Prod. -JERASAK itself, and for history he has released all on CD! In that day was, probably, else hot, than in THAILAND’s hell! SABBAT have broken the common-room its dick and frantic performance BLACK SAMURAI HEAVY ARMAGGEDDON!13 composition persisting ferric diluted infernal instrumental composition! THE STORM, COMING FROM JAPANESE EPIDEMIC DEATHESEA! MADE IN SOUTH EVIL!!!
WITCHHAMMER Production: 11/13


SABBAT “Live in Thailan Demonslaught” CD 2007 (JAPAN)
Program of the plate:
Black fire
Ishidamien’s guitar solos
Satan bless you
Evil nation
Evoke the evil
Disembody to the abyss
Demonic serenade & Brothers of demons
Mion’s hill
In league with devil
Darkness and evil
Heavy metal hunter (METALUCIFER’s cover)

BEYOND DESCRIPTION Proof of the truth
GRAVEWURM/SUICIDAL WINDS “From conflict to conquest” split-CD 2007
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Interview With Cruel Force



HELLA!!!Hmm…CRUEL FORCE! THIS IS BESTIAL NAME. I’D like to know about band roots? Ok, I wait evil presentation your band in my pages!

Hailz! Cruel Force was founded in 2008 some drunken day. First we played coversongs of Motörhead, Sodom, Violent Force, Venom, Bathory… then we wrothe the first riffs together and knew that we have to form a “real” band.

 When you did the interview last? That this was for publishing? And liked you questions?

The last interview was for “Beneathe the Tree” Fanzine from my good comerade Andrê a week ago. It will be printed in the beginning of next year.

 That will say about your record “Into the crypts…“? What reviews get on its product from people from metal underground?

We only get good reviews from the worldwide underground.

 You afar its material on cassette and CD. Enter the offers about issue of the vinyl plate. What format prefer themselves?

Yeah you’re right. Demo was released on CD and tape. Our upcoming full length album will be on vinyl. Lim 500 and cd. We all prefer vinyl. This is the best medium ever!

 You Know work IRON BONEHEAD Records and NECROMANCER Records, Work what badge can note? On what company to should like to publish record CRUEL FORCE?

Heavy Forces Records will release “The Rise of Satanic Might” on vinyl. We know Iron Bonehead and Necromancer records. Patrick is a cool guy!

 I see you espouse the old principles. Why you have chose exactly such way for CRUEL FORCE?

This is our way of lifestyle. We didnt choose anything. This is how we are!
 CRUEL FORCE names from their own influences of such gang as HELLHAMMER / BATHORY / MANOWAR / IRON MAIDEN… I understand this list does not concern the modern groups or I mistaken?

Yes, wer are influenced from all the stuff from the 70’s, 80’s 90’s. From Black Sabbath to Hellhammer. These are our heroes we worship everyday. There are good bands today like Hellish Crossfire, Witching Hour, Old… But we are inspired from the ancient ones!

 On “Into the crypts…” you have performed the classical number “Metal inquisition”(PELIDRIVER). Why choice exactly on them…

Because we are the metal inquisition!

 Much good compositions have presented us past. What tracks you love to perform else?

I think you mean coversongs from other bands? I would like to have an Iron Maiden coverband haha

What sense you put in slogan F@@K THE WORLD! HAIL AND KILL! . Your comments…

This is just a slogan of Joey DeMaio….

 What gangs can name own comrade in arms and close on spirit to CRUEL FORCE…?

Witching Hour, Hellish Crossfire, Nocturnal (ger), Old, No Empathy…

 As you pertain to renaissance infernal THRASH METAL in different parts of the world. South Asia, Australia, South America and Atlantic bring much good names. Your opinion on this cause.

I think there are many old Thrash bands from the 80’s who reunited and so there are many new people who came in contact with thrash metal. So many people listen to thrash metal now and found there own thrash bands.

As you pertain to good alcohol? You drink before their own concerts? Problem gets in Germany true Russian vodka?

I am mostly drunk on stage. We all drink alcohol often. There are no problems with vodka. We mix it with orange juice.

 The Warriors from BESTIAL MOCKERY use on their own rehearsal cocktail from whisky and strong beer. You did not try to write in such condition?

No we didnt. We drink all mixed up haha. whiskey, wine, beer..

 How much persons usually comes on your live attack? Tell me about your gigs? There is beside you rooters amongst retiree and as they stake out your appearance?

I think every concert is full of maniacs. We shared the stages with Portrait (swe), Enforcer (swe), Hellish Crossfire, No Empathy, Warhammer….

 As you will describe the present-day scene to Germany? That you are aware of Ukraine and our scene?

The present day scene is very big. But there are too many false gay motherf@@ker people. Just waering some high tops and thight jeans, download all their music. Just looking cool. F@@k Off!


North Corean Kim Jong motherf@@ker!!!!!

Ok,thanx for view and LAST WORDS FROM US…

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CRUEL FORCE Into The Crypts Demo 2008


CRUEL FORCE Into The Crypts Demo 2008

CRUEL FORCE “Into the crypts” demo-CD 2008 (GERMANY) Program plates: Witches curse, Deathstrike, Cruel force, Victim of hellfire, Metal inquisition (PILEDRIVER)

F@@K THE WORLD! HAIL AND KILL!-here is motto such German division OLD MAYHEMIC THRASH METAL! The Alcoholic madness of the black dance during epidemic of mortal plague! This infernal storm of the cruel justice and devastating hymns HELL! Instead of refrain obscene outcries, but record is dedicated to hero become like MANOWAR and TANK! CRUEL FORCE from bit of that commands which are associated beside me with early heritage TORMENTOR/SODOM/PROTECTOR. They mixing with simple forms barbarous THRASH METAL and slow passage old sense BLACK pantheon as we met beside VENOM/HELLHAMMER! Such type of the credit rather wide-spread and looks reliable. Alcoholic intoxicated sound to deaths! The Good start young Deutschland’s!
TORTURER Wind From The Darkwood
VIOLENT ASSAULT The flag of the inverted cross
UPPERCUT Reanimation of hate
STEELPREACHER Drinking wih the devil
NECROPSY Deathprayer

HEMORAGY – Jesus king of wine CD


HEMORAGY - Jesus king of wine CD

Всем известен такой факт, что напиться до чертиков можно не только с помощью водки и пива! Было бы желание, а повод всегда найдется. Встречайте команду виноделов – трэшеров с родины абсента и шампанских вин Jesus king…” по счёту третья работа банды из Парижа с момента её образовании в 2002 году. До этого они отметились скромным демо 2003 года и альбомом “First blood”(2004). Стиль команды и ее идеология вызывают улыбку. Отличный отдых от пуль, чертей и костей. Ха-ха! Здесь этажа фишка как у стариков TANKARD, с разницей лишь в том, что оды воспеваются не пенному напитку, а Вину! Скажите вы любите портвейн или каберне, а может быть кагор, бррр! Ладно, получайте в свои фужеры ALCOHOL HEAVY / THRASH METAL с гитарными ходами в старом течении и вокалом а-ля EXODUS. Ударная часть напомнила грохочущий ад самого Abbadon из VENOM-Очень специфичное сухое и тяжёлое звучание у этой команды, а ещё меня слегка позабавила вещь «Ghost riders». Это КРУИЗ 88 года с песней “Iron rock” один в один HEMOROGY хвала Дионису – богу вина и обильного веселья!

HEMORAGY “Jesus king of wine” CD 2007 (ФРАНЦИЯ)

RAMPART Voice of the wilderness
SUFFERSYSTEM The Plague Angel CD 2008
NO PITY Iron from hell