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CUTTHROAT R@pe! R@pe! R@pe!

BLLLLLLLLLEEEEEE!!!F@#KING NASTY! I am surprised trick these mad japanese! ABIGAIL / SABBAT / SIGH-here is three-tuple my favorite from this enigmatic and proud country! Now I plus hereto list CUTTHROAT. Here more goes the stress on get old school HARDCORE / PUNK and is fuelled powerful riffings THRASH METAL. Such positive thing was with big share of the black humour. Too similar presently have fun DARKTHRONE. Shorter METAL ANARCHY walks on planet.The Whole on disk 15 compositions of alcoholic revelry in metal!I know that this was a first stuff of the command(ISO 666 Records) released long ago in 1999. WITCHHAMMER Production have republished this issue having added three bonus tracks. In absentia this disk possible to name the play CUTTHROAT someone else song: RAZOR / AVIL BITCH / SACRIFACE / EXODUS Probably these songs on which education in metal musicians Yasuyuki and Mirai. I have buy recently their 7EP, released german NECROMANCER Records and shall say that times nothing do not. They perform the repertoire of the someone else gangs with its THRASH / BLACK / PUNK METAL vision! WILD! DRINK! F@#KING DOLLS! AND METAL PUNX! Made in JAPAN exclusively for CRAZY HOUSE!

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WOUNDS PYOVELI Storming thrash vengeance

Two Finnish machines of death, sweeping away all on its way! The Beautiful feeling! This storm to pains and darknesses! Fury and punishment! WOUNDS having cult thrashers status has begun its rash PURE BLACK/SPEED/THRASH METAL attack toward their own comrades IMPALED NAZARENE /SODOM /KREATOR (Old). WOUNDS torture us heavy guitar and general pitiless sound. They at most heavy! Seems, after their sound of the deaths nothing do not remain above-ground. Right behind their own five numbers present PYOVELI also from country of a thousand lake. FINLAND ASSAULT CREW!
They are an obsessed of the dark maniacs UNHOLY THRASH METAL killing all that remained after WOUNDS. Plague and bestial! They have fine supported the mortal tandem. BLASHEMOUS SPEED CULT!!! All have released, as not difficult guess WITCHHAMMER Production.
WITCHHAMMER Production: 13/13


WOUNDS/PYOVELI “Storming thrash vengeance” split-CD 2007 (FINLAND/FINLAND)

1. Storming Death
2. Gas Mutations
3. Enforcing with Blast
4. Murdering Reception
5. Rot Until Reborn

6. Total Onslaught
7. Fast Strike
8. Payback
9. Speed Metal Merchants
10. Executioner
11. Outro

Brutal Mutations (Demo – 1999)
Ex-Animal Foreskin (Demo – 2000)
Barbarizing the Death (Demo – 2000)
Nuclear Devastation (Demo – 2001)
Chaos Theory (CD – 2002)
Holocaust Reich (Demo – 2003)
The Demo-nic Desecrations ’99-’03 (Compilation – 2005)
Thermonuklear Thrash Metal Warfare (Split – 2005)
Storming Thrash Vengeance (Split – 2007)
Morbid Holocaust (CD – 2007)

Thrash Attack (Demo – 2001)
Overkill (Demo – 2001)
Ancient War Gods (Demo – 2002)
Feel the Razor (Demo – 2003)
The Hangman (DVD – 2004)
The New Renaissance Of Speed & Thrash Metal (CD – 2005)
Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg (Split – 2005)
Storming Thrash Vengeance (Split – 2007)

VEXED Endless Armageddon

My personal favorite from Italy. I think, many are remembered my first interview within the framework of F@#KING THRASHHELL Fanzine. Excellent took place the talk.Mike present soldier of the mortal metal and his VEXED deserves the ranks of the cruel cult! Mad BLACK / THRASH METAL apocalypse, executed within the framework of traditional school. The Old spirit KREATOR / POISON / MINOTAUR / SODOM whirls these wild Italian in all composition. The Nearest teacher with words VEXED beside they emerge NECRODEATH(godfathers metal mafia with BULLDOZER!). Apropos, they, always, supported VEXED on all stage! “Endless Armageddon”-retro collection writing the gang in gap since 1999 on 2003. The Music as come off with chain dog overtaking you!. If the first part of disk more possessed and raw on its atmosphere, that next side incredible heavy with hurricane bass! SLAYER’s cover song is beasts! The Rave sounds to infernal anvil under name VEXED!!! F@#ING CULT! WITCHHAMMER Production: 13/13


Program of the plate: Napalm storm
Bringers of death
Lust of revenge
Oblivion takes unanimated brains
Delirium shades
Demonic war
Death justice
Dirty disaster
Black magic (SLAYER’s cover)
Death silence

NECROPSIA D@e f@#king b@stard


And again this cup with wine I drink with big pleasure. More so that in Chile did always best wine! This is a devilish trio powerfully inspired BLACK METAL gang from north Europe. Sounds it is enough loathsome and in this is tracked admixture to dampness inherent gang from South America. I know that they close to encirclement EVIL THRASHER’zine and due to him they fall into miscellaneous small piece of coal world. So happened that record has got to maniac from ThaiSiameseHell -JERASAK(WITCHHAMMER Production). He has released this blood CD! I in the same way know that in Chile very strong and united scene, not allowing false and sweet gangs. The Big part talented album denoted underground comes exactly from there. NECROPSIA-primitive, irritate, gloomy and remain the old principle! The Thorns, protruding from Goat head and bullets instead of belt! So will always! The Person mighty and true stands out the known composition “The horn and the horned” from IMPALED NAZARENE. Demonic end this show of the darkness! Supreme and autodafe!!!

NECROPSIA “D@e f@#king b@stard” CD 2005 (CHILE)
Program of the plate: Spreading Satanism
We work for the devil
F@#king bastard
Angel of sin
Strikes from hell
North side Satanists
Travels to a dark dimension
Attack with hate
Infernal sentence
The horn and the horned (IMPALED NAZARENE’s cover)

BESTIAL MOCKERY Sepulchral wrath

The Unconditional favorite! This shocking republication storied demo Swedish fiend took place at participation WITCHHAMMER Production. There is information that tape has designed UNHOLY HORDE Records, but vinyl version has produced AGONIA records. The Excellent sounds ready to wake all dead people on graveyard and send them on war. Beside me, impression that before this record they were found under deep influence first album SLAYER /SEPULTURA / SODOM (Only very old stuffs!)The Wars of the darkness from Sweden armed THRASH / BLACK METAL pool shoot up the foamy servants. The Excellent sounds under code 666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BESTIAL MOCKERY “Sepulchral wrath” MCD 2003 (SWEDEN)
Program of the plate:
Sworn to darkness
Shadow from beyond
Satans devilsaw
Sepulchral wrath