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HELLHOUND demo-CD 2010 (USA)
Program of plate: Circle of trust / As the needle drips / The bleeding edge / Killing spree in 2010

If you dig on various archaeological excavations, it is precisely this HELLHOUND can be considered one of the oldest formations of metal from the USA. Judge for yourself, they were formed in 1981 and behind them there are only a few demos. Then there was a long break and a series of shifts in the composition. Now they have returned with a relatively fresh material in the spirit of HEAVY / SPEED Metal with a slight touch of the POWER Metal dust. It will be interesting to those who love the sound of it, which we gave in the mid-80s: JUDAS PRIEST / SANCTUARY / MEGADETH etc. This is the old and ringing metal, which we listened to on vinyl records and copied to tape to share music with friends. HELLHOUND after that amount of time required to simply produce full-length album, without any delay whatsoever … The Old Guard metal fans waiting! / hellhoundusa


Бля! Какой длинный альбом для Катьки-целых 11 минут и это  раза в два длиннее по времени предшественника “Rossini s r@pe” (2000). Поклоняйтесь же за это ей! Великая KAT создала вендетту за её родной истерзанный Нью-йорк в виде кромсающей / классической CYBER SPEED METAL симфонии. На колени рабы! Я решила вступить в конфронтацию с этими варварами моей SHRED / CLASSIC MUSIC!!! – заявляет гениально – сексуально – виртуозная богиня – Бетховен 21 века! Страшитесь же! ТЬФУ! Мы вот долго как то спорили с Barbarossa стёб это или нет? Может это деньги Сороса? Весь этот её пафос насчёт собственной гениальности никакой рейтинг не подымает, тем более что всплыла она ещё в 87 году с грамотным трэшняковым релизом “Worship me or die”. Последние её старания сводятся к извращённому переигрыванию произведений дядек, что висели на стенках в кабинетах музыки из нашего далёкого школьного детства. Так что короткие гитарные запилы обрываются раньше чем вы рассмотрите обложку к CD-тут наш гений во всей своей гламурной  красе: камуфлированные подвязки, каска на бекрень, пулемётные ленты на лобке, в одной руке граната, в другой Jakson из которого валится дым! Интересно чему посвятит свой следующий релиз безумная гитаристка?

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RAMPART Voice of the wilderness

Novelty from French INFERNO Records (006 release). This time we deal with representatives of an underground from solar Bulgaria, with the nice girl on vocal work (Maria Doychinova).Up to notice that it possesses courageous enough and strong voice. Music for me was a fine retro of such grandees CLASSIC HEAVY / POWER METAL as HELLOWEEN / JUDAS PRIEST / IRON MAIDEN. Good very time for metal! This group perfectly combines melodious fragments and fidelity to traditions of the present metal spirit! The music found by Freedom! A variety of guitar parties creating passing from one melody in another draw in detail a certain atmosphere of the fantastic and mystical world by what in due time were remembered “The keeper of seven keys”! RAMPART have not shown anything new, but for metal they sincerely enough show the records. INFERNO Records have let out one more continuation HEAVY METAL of production after Chilean VASTATOR. 10/13

RAMPART “Voice of the wilderness” CD 2009 (BULGARIA)

RAMPART “Voice of the wilderness” CD 2009 (BULGARIA)

RAMPART  “Voice of the wilderness” CD 2009 (BULGARIA)
Program of the plate:
Under control
Voice of the wilderness
The flood
Desert of time
Age of steel
Mirror of dreams
Stay aside


The music of RAMPART follows the concept that life is frequently a range of people and events. The memories are fading with time. They earn the taste of something we lived throughRampart, something exciting – the apparition and the reality of the original heavy metal.

The guitar player Yavor Kamenov and the drummer Borislav “Bobby” Glavev founded the band. The vocalist Maria Doychinova joined RAMPART in 2006. She wrote most of the band’s texts. Yavor is the author of the music and the arrangement of the songs. The guitar player Victor Georgiev and the bass player Alexander Spiridonov joined the band in 2009.



RAMPART focuses on the author’s stuff in the train of the old-school heavy metal. On 08.08.2008 RAMPART released their debut singleRampart “Warriors”. It has a good feedback from the metal media in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Norway and Denmark. The band aims to achieve the mission to be a bastion of the metal music in Bulgaria.

RAMPART signed to the French label INFERNO RECORDS for the release of their first album “Voice of the Wilderness”. The album is filled with melodies, rhythms, double guitar solos and surprising orchestrations. In “Voice of the Wilderness” as a guest musician took part Sofia Vancheva . She recorded the violins, the viola and the cello in the song called “Age of Steel”. The album was recorded at Pacific Studio and should be out in the autumn of 2009 via INFERNO RECORDS.

RAMPART will appear on the forthcoming tribute album to HELLOWEEN and GAMMA RAY – “HELLORAY – A Tribute To HELLOWEEN & GAMMA RAY”.  Norway’s GAIA EPICUS, Germany’s KICKHUNTER  (featuring HELLOWEEN bassist Markus Großkopf), Slovakia’s SIGNUM REGIS (featuring former YNGWIE MALMSTEEN / GLORY singer Göran Edman) are among the bands who participate in the album. “HELLORAY” will be out in late 2009 or early 2010 via EPICUS RECORDS.
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FANTASY OPUS Beyond eternity 2008 CD

FANTASY OPUS “Beyond eternity” 2008 CD (PORTUGAL)
Program of the plate:Mystic messenger/The sacred trilogy/Path of destiny/Higher state of mind/Warrior’s call(1-4)
With silent heart it happens to to taste unexplored and enigmatic sounds. Mysteries, poetries, tumbling of the fate in bright paint elevated FANTASY OPUS. On the other rule here do not play. The Confession whole this is that in hot Portugal there is its national GAMMA RAY with classical approach majestic POWER/HEAVY METAL. Powerful and proud music full symphony in march or die to manner of the winner making triumphal procession with skull of the enemy. The Strong passages in intellect performance Portuguese give the cause to pay attention to this new name in classical POWER METAL world. 10/13