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REZET Toxic avenger

REZET-это разрушительный страйк созданный под эгидой возрождения музыки HEAVY/SPEED / THRASH METAL 80-х!!! Однозначно эта команда продерёт душу тем, кто вырос на таких песнях как “War pigs”, Read the rest of this entry


Italy attacks! At last I have again heard qualitative sounds from those places united by one habitat. All gangs from one area and sincerely hang together. Besides the given collection is dated memories local heroes of metal from gang MONOLITH (F@#king Heavy Cult!) .Open this disk AXEVYPER. They play for music’s tightened in a skin and striped stockings, sample TRUE HEAVY METAL on a manner similar on classical IRON MAIDEN. Bestial! As the following they act FALLEN F@#KING ANGELS with two compositions OLD SCHOOL HEAVY / SPEED METAL very sincerely and fervently execute the material. I will recommend this gang, all who respects creativity EXCITER / IRON ANGEL / TANK!!! Perfectly well! BELLISSIMO! Relay race pick up original TWILIGHT ZONE.I don’t know that in Italy live such qualitative HEAVY METAL steel wars! To me they were remembered rhythmical riffings and a unique vocal with a high range of a voice! MONOLITH – here act, the highlight of the program. As well as it is necessary to protagonists of day for, this release they have selected the two powerful compositions full of an expression and emotions. On heat I would compare them, to the best period of such gods as MANOWAR and KILLERS! Certainly at them notes similar with BON FIRE / MOTLEY CRUE come across, but tell who at that time did not sing about passionate fire in the opinion of blondes! Ha-ha! Excellent there was a legend! Well and for a dessert on it collections have allowed to be realized infernal to change in the name of SCAVENGER. They have decided to finish all in the end surgical DEATH METAL within the limits of old sounds. CARCASS? SCAVENGER! I was glad, listening to such music deprived of pathos and a commercial plan. Italians with all the heart! VIVA LA HEAVY MUSICA!
12 / 13

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As judged by the first acquaintance on photo with this duo italian, I expected to hear what – that followers of the deals MORTUARY DRAPE. But paint false sign turned out to be on person. I have heard the old style HEAVY/THRASH METAL (Upss!) with integer by set of the influences from ACCEPT/MANOWAR/JUDAS PRIEST/ANNIHILATOR/MEGADETH. Here is so sometimes deceptive appearance, but in the event of with BTD this excellent heavy retro back with pleasing grinding of the guitars with vinyl plate 80-h. The Vile vocals (UDO BIG HAILS!!!), flippant losses and heard solos cascades. The Music BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS this pride whole persisting metal without glam and soft melodies. The Bones, skull, fire and mad boom! METAL HAMMER LIVE! 8/13

BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS “Occultum lapidem” 2009 CD (ITALY)
Program of the plate:
The ancient gods/
Tears of lies/
I will die/
Prince of darkness/
Behind my faith/
Thegraves are open/
Occultum lapidem/
Stolen faith

CRUEL FORCE Into The Crypts Demo 2008


CRUEL FORCE Into The Crypts Demo 2008

CRUEL FORCE “Into the crypts” demo-CD 2008 (GERMANY) Program plates: Witches curse, Deathstrike, Cruel force, Victim of hellfire, Metal inquisition (PILEDRIVER)

F@@K THE WORLD! HAIL AND KILL!-here is motto such German division OLD MAYHEMIC THRASH METAL! The Alcoholic madness of the black dance during epidemic of mortal plague! This infernal storm of the cruel justice and devastating hymns HELL! Instead of refrain obscene outcries, but record is dedicated to hero become like MANOWAR and TANK! CRUEL FORCE from bit of that commands which are associated beside me with early heritage TORMENTOR/SODOM/PROTECTOR. They mixing with simple forms barbarous THRASH METAL and slow passage old sense BLACK pantheon as we met beside VENOM/HELLHAMMER! Such type of the credit rather wide-spread and looks reliable. Alcoholic intoxicated sound to deaths! The Good start young Deutschland’s!
TORTURER Wind From The Darkwood
VIOLENT ASSAULT The flag of the inverted cross
UPPERCUT Reanimation of hate
STEELPREACHER Drinking wih the devil
NECROPSY Deathprayer